Candy Crush Saga Level 1843

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1843 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You need to collect 15 red candies to complete level 1843. But there are no red candies on the board and the only way you will get any is to change the lucky candies.
It is a bit easier to get to the lucky candies and reds if you can clear the blockers below the conveyors on each side, as this will allow the lucky candies and red candies to fall into the bottom part of the board and be cleared.
Check the conveyor before every move to see if you can switch the lucky candies together and get the reds you need. Colour bombs are good for changing the lucky candies.
Keep your eye on the bombs which will fall from the dispenser at the top, they shouldn't be too much of a problem but can't be ignored for too long.
This is one of the levels where the conveyor is really helpful as it brings the candies together to make matches.
Video below
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  1. I have no idea how I did it but I got two sprinkle balls together and that was all I needed to squeak through with 1 star. Glad to be done. Am I addicted?

  2. Posting for luck. Not even close to passing yet.

    1. Ahaha posting for luck. Did it work?

    2. Yes, it does:)
      But I also need some tips from other players. Don't just post you beat it. Post HOW you beat it, please? Because I'm stuck and need a help:)

  3. This level sucks!!

  4. Colour bomb and stripe switch worked well then vertical stripes above and below the conveyor belt. Keep an eye on the conveyor belt for any matches. Good Luck.

  5. Got color bomb right away used it on blue, then had wrapped and stripped candy on conveyer right in middle of board and wow done, had couple stripes earlier and hit checked candies, , all worked in favor

  6. The video is useless. Only 15 moveson android and now has chameleon candies.


  7. Getting the fruit was easy but clearing the blocker was very difficult. Finally got them with a wrapped and a sprinkle. That cleared the remaining chocolate and left a few easy jellies to get.

  8. Wrong level. This was meant for the previous level,

  9. I beat this level with no boosters. 98% lucky board, and I like to think 2% skill. I was able to make 2 adjacent horizontal striped candies on the conveyor belt and then a vertically striped candy either above or below on the belt. Helps even more of it is adjacent to those horizontal stripes. Wait, if you can, until you have those horizontals lined up with the 2 rows of checked candies. Then unleash that vertical stripe and that should take care of the bulk of the reds (3 checked in a row = 3 reds in a row). You should be able to clean up any straggly reds in a few moves after that. Hope this helps.

  10. For me, using the check booster worked-there were more red checks to then play with. Good luck!

  11. Got it on my second try with check booster!


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