Candy Crush Saga Level 1844

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1844 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1844 Candy Crush Saga is yet another dual task level, you need to collect the two cherries and clear all the jelly.
The cherries are already on the board and just need unlocking from the marmalade, then clear the blockers so they can fall down from the dispensers onto the conveyors.
Once the cherries are on the conveyors wait until they go through the portal onto the top conveyor, then WAIT, keep them on the conveyor by making moves at the other side of the board until they are in the outside column. Then you can make matches under them to get them out of the exits at the bottom.
If you let the cherries drop from the conveyor too early they can easily get stuck on the shelf at the bottom and then you will have to move them over to get them down the exits.
Video below
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  1. Only 28 moves on Android.

  2. Yup. Penalized again.

  3. Decided to try a fish booster since I have so many. Fish hit a cherry and destroyed it! Lost with nothing needed besides that��

  4. Good tips, I got through first time. Playing on Android and I had 35 moves.

  5. Another level that just quits unexpectedly. I wish King would fix these things. Didn't lose any boosters but it is still annoying.

  6. It's been so nice having a few doable levels for a change. I'm dreading the next inevitable timed level but, meanwhile, I'm getting my boosters replenished.

  7. 28 moves rather than 35 on video. Why do they do this on such challenging levels. Totally unfair and frustrating. Can just about get the cherries in the correct position and out of moves. 7 more moves would do it. Put not given it on iPad. Need to have this fixed.

  8. Always disappointing to hear people moan and groan. Seriously, if not on her for help or offer some, just leave as a lot of you threaten.Thanks for the help from the ones who do ! Peace to all !

  9. Ok so after my first attempt realusing th his would be difficult o played slowly bottom of board and choc freckles came by easier and i managed 2 of them with wraps and needed my last 2 hand switches, one to move fruit and the other to line up my stripe to get fruit thru! Very lucky i think but definitely wrap stripe combo huge help..good luck

  10. One cherry always falls one over and can't be moved...grrrrr... posting for luck!

  11. As others posts suggest: I Used a sprinkle and a stripe/wrap combo, then reset until the sprinkle was next to the stripe.
    Completed with 10 moves remaining.


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