Candy Crush Saga Level 1851

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1851 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to grow all the popcorns, collect all the licorice AND switch 2 colour bombs together!
While you are clearing the licorice keep your eyes open for any chance to get 2 colour bombs together, the sooner you can make this combo the easier it will be to collect the rest of the popcorns as they will all be hit once by the blast from the combo.
Sometimes the colour bombs will slip down from their position when the popcorns change, so this can be used to your advantage to get the combo.
If you have a colour bomb near the bottom you can try saving it to see if you can get one to fall next to it, but colour bombs are fairly easy to make once the licorice is gone.
The thing which makes this level hard is the shortage of moves, so every move has to count.
A quick way of growing the popcorns is with a colour bomb/wrap combo. This will give you a good start to getting them all grown quickly.
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  1. ON my Mobile app, there are only 123 Episodes, i have completed 124 on facebook, but new episodes are not loading on Phone, i have dowloaded ap several times from different App stores.. stil no new levels.. does any one know how to get new levels on Mobile ??

  2. This is normal. Mobile episodes are one or two weeks behind PC and always have been and a new one is available every Wednesday.

  3. this episode is flawed on FaceBook....twice now 4 out of 5 placed the candies and after the initial drop, reshuffled and ended the game. It's no fun when you don't even get a chance. Without that glitch (which hasn't been an issue on devices) this episode would be fun. King please fix the FB version soon.

  4. Twice now I have opened the game to find all my hard earned boosters removed (like Carlton). Can anyone explain why that happens? Also the daily booster feature has disappeared. It is very disheartening.

  5. Even on my mobile there are only 123 episodes and the next one is not uploaded..

  6. I also opened the game and all of my boosters are gone!, HELP,,

  7. If you're playing through Facebook, make sure you're connected. My phone randomly disconnects me from Facebook when playing Candy Crush. I restart the phone and everything's good.

  8. Need lucky board!!! Impossible level!!!

  9. Good fun level after the horrors of the previous timed one. I would have got it first time if I hadn't misread 'switch two colour bombs' as needing two combinations of two colour bombs. Idiot! Got it second time with three stars.

  10. One more worthless speed level. May be you get a good board if you pay. Anyone else has to wait until the King gets the money each level is programmed. The higher you ge to levels the harder to get a good board as more players quit the game.

  11. If you have an opportunity to play on facebook/PC there are 3 more moves there... but you can't reset is the trade off.

  12. This Level of 1859 was hard enough to reach 100,000 in over 70 seconds. Today they updated Candy Crush and now I am getting only 20 seconds to reach 100,000. IMPOSSIBLE!!! There is a glitch for sure. I just sent King a message, but want to make certain that this gets FIXED!!! Timed Levels should be omitted completely. They are boring and nothing but luck. I play this game to help me use logic in my movements. About ready to toss in the towel.


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