Candy Crush Saga Level 1852

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1852 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1852 is a dual task level, you have to collect 4 ingredients as well as clearing all the jelly.
The ingredients are fairly easy to collect, you simply need to get them into the bottom part of the board and out. There are exits all along the bottom so they will fall out pretty easily even if you just get them onto the bottom conveyor they will move around and out.
Make matches in the bottom part of the board under the portals when the ingredients are above the portals, or the middle once the blockers are cleared,  and they will fall through into the bottom. Take care they don't get stuck on the ledges between the portals or you will have to move them over.
The hardest part of this level is clearing the jellies under the cream blockers at each side of the board.
Concentrate on these hard squares and take any opportunity to clear them, even if it means leaving other areas to do it.
Once again there are not many moves to spare so you must make every move count.
Video below
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  1. The hardest part for me is getting the darn cherries to fall. I came close once needing only one cherry (the board was all cleared and the acorns were gathered) but never got the second cherry to enter the board. How do I get both of the cherries onto the board? Is there a secret?

  2. I used a fish booster and won on the first try.

  3. I also got it first try with a fish booster.

  4. I never get the second cherry on the board either. But apparently King is "too busy" to be bothered...

  5. iPad give 17 moves, can get the fruit , but not all the jelly , posting for luck.

  6. Got it the first time I used a coconut wheel--it spit out a bunch of them!

  7. There's no coconut wheel on the PC. I concentrated on getting the fruit off first. I saved some of the fish and made sprinkles then used them on a fish colour to set them off to clear the awkward jellies.

  8. Again, don't understand the rationale why we get penalized for using an IPad or IPhone. Only 17 moves, not 20 as on the video. This is unfair and frustrating. Should be fixed.

  9. It's not a bug and it's not up to King. Blame Apple as they pay King to have the game and then decide how to set the difficulty of each level. It is they who profit when you pay. Same with Facebook, only they worry that you will not play there so they ask you to rate the level and often make it easier.


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