Candy Crush Saga Level 1884

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1884 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 35 moves to collect just 2 ingredients.
The second ingredient won't appear until you have collected the first, so you'll need to work on getting the first ingredient out of the exits as soon as possible.
Use stripes and stripe/wrap combos to clear the blockers in the bottom part of the board.
The cream blocker at the top is the hardest one to clear, but a colour bomb/stripe combo should take care of it as long as you make sure you have at least one candy the same colour as the stripe in line with the blocker you want to hit.
Colour bomb/stripe combos are probably the best combos to use in level 1884, both for clearing the blockers and for getting the ingredients out of the exits.
There are only 4 colours on the board so making spoecial candies is pretty easy, however, getting them into position where you need them is not so easy as they tend to self destruct just when you think you have them where you want them.
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Anonymous said...

Am I the only one having difficulty with this level. Posting for luck.

Anonymous said...

No. In the end I used most of my boosters in desperation to pass it. Am now taking time out to build them up again, not least because it's a dreaded time level next.

Anonymous said...

Used my favourite combo, a Chocolate bomb/Coconut wheel and reset until one was on top of the other on right side. After that even though I never got another Coconut wheel I finished with eight moves left and three stars.

Anonymous said...

I'll try that. Thanks

Unknown said...

Wtf on my phone (droid) I get 27 seconds to get 35k points. Why does king keepdoing this???????

Unknown said...

Wtf on my phone (droid) I get 27 seconds to get 35k points. Why does king keepdoing this???????

Jeannette Marlow said...

No. I'm not getting anywhere

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tip above about the choc bomb & coconuy wheel. Did the trick.

Jools said...

I always come here to check for hints and tips. Just completed this level using chocolate sprinkle/coconut wheel combo as advised above. Having been stuck on this level a while this tip certainly helped. I am finding even the easy levels harder to pass these days

Anonymous said...

No coconut wheel on ipad. Still unwinnable

Alison said...

Tried the coconut wheel, chocolate bomb combination, still had to use couple of hammers and hand switch to finish off though, need more boosters now !!!!!!

Harry the golden said...

So over this level. Stuck here for days. And it isn't even described as hard. This might be goodbye to cc. So hard to get rid of the blockers before most of the moves gone. Used all my boosters, most if which are useless anyway. Hope for posting luck

Gil said...

Summary of my lucky day:

1881 - Second try, 3 stars, 190,160, No Boosters

1882 - First try, 3 stars, 105,640, No Boosters

1883 - First try, 3 stars, 237,540, Sprinkle & Check Mark Boosters

1884 - First try, 1 star, 50,960, No Boosters

1885 - Seventh try, 1 star, 70,660, Sprinkle + Hand Switch Boosters

1886 - First try, 3 stars, 412,260, No Boosters

1887 - First try, 3 stars, 369,540, No Boosters

1888 - Used my 5 lives within 12 minutes (passed it on second try the day after)

Done for the day.

Anonymous said...

I only have 25 goes....impossible

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sharon 8/10....your method worked. Now moving on to another dreadful timed level!

Anonymous said...

Only used the coco wheel. Reset till it was in position. Got several more wheels, and it was done.