Candy Crush Saga Level 1893

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1893 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Clear the blockers in the bottom, above the exit, then make vertical stripes or strip/wrap combos higher up the board. Then as the ingredients move along the conveyor fire the stripe or combo to get them down into the exit.. If everything works this is an easy level, but if things don't go just right you will run out of moves before you can get the ingredients down.
If you miss when the ingredients are in position you have to wait for them to come around again and if you don't have enough moves left to get them back you may as well quit and start again.
Video below
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CC fron vero😎 said...

Not many moves so used the coconut wheel and made sure it would take out some of the cream. It helped to get me enough time to get the other one, but caution- watch where your fruit is. Sometimes you need to forgo a combo because it will destroy your move to take out fruit

Anonymous said...

Try not to move the fruit. They are lined up so that they both pass the center together. One vertical stripe at the right time and you have it.

Anonymous said...

Used the coconut wheel & passed on 2nd try. Clear enough space first so the wheel can go vertically. Gd luck! NC

Valerie Cagle said...

Once yet again the moves on this level are different. On my pc via Facebook I have 18 vs 25. CC needs to get a grip on reality here.

Kelly Amadei said...


Anonymous said...

Yep, the coconut wheel is your friend on this one. Second try.