Candy Crush Saga Level 1944

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1944 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Score 280,000 points in 35 moves. With lots of bombs on the board this score should be easily achievable, but there is the added Evil Spawner in the middle as well as the awkward shape of the board with many holes and bomb dispensers.
The sooner you can get rid of the Spawner the better, this will save you constantly having to unlock candies from the marmalade that it spawns.
Making matches in the bottom of the board will allow the bombs to drop out and makes it easier to clear them, but once the spawner begins to cover them with marmalade they will be stuck in place and harder to clear. 
Look at the top and bottom for stripes to hit the spawner with, it needs five hits to clear it so keep going until it is gone, then you can concentrate on getting as many bombs as possible to increase your score.
A colour bomb on a bomb gives the best score.
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Anonymous said...

Did it with 2 stars but had to use a couple of switch hands and hammers. Not an easy one for sure but challenging it is. Glad this one is over.

Anonymous said...

Got this first try, no boosters and 585,000 points without destroying the evil spawner. Worked mostly at the bottom.

cherylb said...

I've gotten over 400000 twice and it said I did not reach the target amount...WTH CC???

anonymous37 said...

You have to get 600,000 points on the IPhone!

Anonymous said...

280,000 points needed on iPad. Like Sharon I got it on first try without hitting spawner. I had to use a hammer on one bomb. I was lucky to get a sprinkle at the bottom and pair it with a bomb which matched other bombs and got a lot of points. Carol the elder

Anonymous said...

Horrible bomb level, the only way to pass this I think is to try and swap a colour candy in under the bomb dispensers so that a plain candy not a bomb gets trapped beneath the icing that the evil dispense spawns. That gives you more time to make the points you need and you just need to swap a sprinkly with a bomb to get those points. A nasty level am glad I have passed it !

Anonymous said...

Just work it from the bottom of the board. Not that hard.

Anonymous said...

I am beginning to hate this game.
It is getting almost impossible to pass these higher levels without a ton of boosts just to get through them. The problem in that is we don't get enough FREE boosts to keep up with the need.
I have. Always said this is agame of more luck than skill, I haven't been very lucky lately 😟

Unknown said...

Too damn difficult in the mobile version,first it comes witty five colours and then the game starts with most of the candles covered in marmalade

Anonymous said...

Must have gotten a REAL lucky board!! Got it on second try. No boosters. Highest score I have ever had. 1055880. WOW!!!

Gil said...

Fairly easy on android (4 colors).
Constantly look for color bombs and immediately switch them with the most common color on board.
First try, 833,580.

Anonymous said...

I ignored the spawner and worked the bottom of the board. Had to use one to kill a bomb that was about to go off. Had one star with 12 moves left and just had to concentrate on surviving until all my moves were used.


Anonymous said...

Also ignored the spawner unless there was a chance to hit it. Just kept the bombs at bay at the bottom and made combos or sprinkles where possible. Passed first time with 340k and one star.

Suzie O said...

Reached the required score but had a lot of moves left so the pressure was on to stay on top of the bombs. Had to use to lolly's on a bomb which I hate to do on my first try but didn't want to play again.