Candy Crush Saga Level 1947 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1947 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Score 2,000,000 points with only 18 moves! Sounds impossible, but it is quite possible once you get the bombs dropping, which you should do with your first moves.
Once the bombs are free look carefully for colour bomb patterns and switch the colour bombs with bombs for the best scores.
The popcorns will also give you lots of colour bombs so hit them with stroipes and wraps and combos to get the colour bombs.
Avoid switching your colour bombs with stripes or wraps as you will get less points for the bombs if they turn into special candies. Use your colour bombs on either bombs or the colour which has the most bombs on the board for best scores.
If you don't use all your colour bombs it doesn't matter, any left on the board will give you extra points.
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Anonymous said...

Passed in second try with almost 3M pts, CC threw an error code so I didn't get credit. Third try, didn't even get close. Color bombs are the key.

Ornursecandy said...

Beat it with 3 million points...matched the two in middle by bringing the bottom one to the one above. When I had a chocolate sprinkle I looked to see if the stripe near it had very many bombs of that color. It only had three, but a lot of plain candies that color. So I combined them and the whole board exploded. Would also work with a wrap. I had already played the suggested way with no luck.

Anonymous said...

You have to get 2 million on iPad. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

OK, so 2 million is easily doable. Ignore my post above. I got almost 4 million, no boosters.

Anonymous said...

bullshit level. I had over a million after i was out of moves. I also had three bombs left. As they were detonating, I got three more bombs, but all of that only got me to about 1.7 mil. What crap

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time, not even coming close.

IKnowItAll said...

So... hit the stripes and wraps with colour bombs, but DON'T hit the striped and wraps with colour bombs?
Does nobody proofread these?

Anonymous said...

Easiest level for some time! Concentrated on making sprinkle bombs or stripes & wraps to explode popcorn & only using.the sprinkles on the nearest colour bomb. Points quickly accumulate & you don't to clear all bombs to win! I got nearly 4 million & 3 stars & didn't use any boosters

Jill said...

So annoyed! Got 1.8 million and didn't complete the level and yet one of my FB friends and fellow candy crush player scored 1.5 million and was marked as having completed the level.. How can this be?