Candy Crush Saga Level 1983 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1983 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
The hard bits of jelly to clear are the ones closest to the chocolate spawners, so any chance you have to clear these should be taken! Once the chocolate starts to grow it gets harder to hit those crucial 2 squares, so if you have a stripe or colour bomb at the start of the game, before the chocolate starts to spawn, use it on one or both of those squares. Once you have the jelly cleared from those 2 squares the rest is pretty easy.
A colour bomb booster can be used which will get at least one of the important squares and if you are lucky and they are the same colour you might get them both.
Video below
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  1. Started with a color bomb & reset until it was alongside a candy which matched the color of both of the candies on each side of the spawners. Then the game is fairly easy. I had to use 1 hand switch to combine a wrap & stripe. Gd luck! NC

  2. Can someone explain to me how to reset a booster while playing the game. Thanks

  3. Hello Anonymous,
    When you start the game with a booster and don't like the set up, you can restart that level by hitting the yellow arrow at the bottom left and then you hit the 'back-arrow' (red).
    You then 'reset' the board without losing a life or the boosters you might want to use.
    You can do this in all levels except the timed ones.
    Try it and you'll see ;-)
    Good luck!
    Greetz from The Netherlands

  4. I passed this level. Went to 1984 collected the treasure chest. Game froze and now I am back on level 1983. So frustrating when the game freezes.

  5. I passed this level. Went to 1984 collected the treasure chest. Game froze and now I am back on level 1983. So frustrating when the game freezes.

  6. about resetting your game...can you do that on a pc or laptop or just on your mobile phone or ipad? I can't find that arrow and I am on my says if I hit that red button, I lose my life and I will assume my booster too. thanks for your help

  7. Getting tired of this level when the game freezes and loseing out on sugar drops.

  8. Having a real tough time and wasting a lot of boosters.

  9. You can only reset without losing a life on your phone, as for this level I run out of moves can't get all the jelly..... Katie from Sydney

  10. 22 moves instead of 25 on video. Not fair and frustrating.

    1. It's so strange how this happens. The superhard level two levels ago I passed on the first turn. The last level I passed on the first turn. This level that everyone claims is so easy has been the nightmare level from hell. I did everything that was suggested here. Used tons of boosters. And still cannot finish this thing. If it only took me six or seven hammers to finish it so I could be done with that I would. But it's going to take 20!

  11. Just goes to show that it all depends on the board. The last two levels took me a lot of tries, but I got this one on the first go with moves to spare. Go figure.

    It was a refreshing change.

  12. I have gotten no where on this one, close but, no cigar. It's fun but frustrating at the same time. Please don't make me stay on it forever. C'mon lucky board.


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