Candy Crush Saga Level 1987 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1987 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 1987 is a dual task level, you have to collect the ingredients which are locked in marmalade and also clear the jelly.
The ingredients are not too difficult, once the marmalade is cleared they will drop down onto the board and there are exits all along the bottom so they shouldn't cause too much trouble to collect.
The jelly is a bit harder as the ones in the middle can only be cleared using stripes or combos. If you can set off a wrapped candy close enough at the top it will also drop down into the diagonal cross and clear some of the jelly.
You need to look carefully around the whole board before every moves as you need stripes and wraps to begin with, then once the marmalade is clear and the ingredients are moving from the middle you can use colour bombs to clear the jelly in the middle and increase your score.
The conveyor plays a crucial role in clearing level 1987 as it will carry your specials and combos into exactly the right place to clear what you need to clear, so use it.
Look carefully to see what candies are on the conveyor and where it will be in the next few moves.
Video below
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  1. Used a coconut wheel booster to start and a hammer at the end and finished this one off pretty quickly

  2. Playing on Android, I cleared off everything with 15 moves left, but it still said I needed 1 more cherry. WTF is up with that.

  3. Playing on Android, I cleared off everything with 15 moves left, but it still said I needed 1 more cherry. WTF is up with that.

  4. No wheel on iPad, but I Used a fish booster and get it with moves to spare.

  5. GO FISH ! ! !


  6. Got this second time without any boosters. A couple of stripe/wraps to the side of the fruit and then a wrap/wrap just off the conveyor next to the top fruit. All the fruit dropped down just above the conveyor then off the board after a few moves. A stripe cleared the one remaining jelly where one of the fruit had been.

  7. Snooorrree.....oh, oops I just fell asleep. How slow is this level and I'm getting absolutely nowhere with it. Boooorrrriiiinnnnggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This one was fun once I started with a fish booster, I even had 10 moves left over.

  9. Two tries, no boosters, one star. An enjoyable level in which some planning can pay off.


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