Candy Crush Saga Level 1994 tips

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1994 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have only 20 moves to collect all 8 blockers, 10 chocolate and 16 licorice!
Stripe/wrap combos are the best combos for doing the job and are fairly easy to make as there are only 4 colours on the board.
The hardest things to collect are the licorice as you have to remove the blockers first before it can begin to drop onto the board. For this reason you should clear the blockers as quickly as possible and then once you have licorice on the board work out carefully how best to collect the highest amount with each move.
Combos are no more effective than simple matches next to the licorice, so don't waste moves trying to make combos when a simple match of three will do the job.
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Anonymous said...

How is it that this isn't a hard level? I've played it once and already know I'm going to on this level for many, many plays.

Bookboss said...

Played this level many times, each ending needing only 2 b!offers. Gave in and used 2 hammers to clear. This episode much more fun than previous ones.

CC from vero said...

This level blows you know what...

michelle mcbride said...

I had no problem with this level.. 1st try... Sorry ... Maybe I got a good board

Anonymous said...

On Android there are 12 blockers and only 18 moves... :-(