Candy Crush Saga Level 2007 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2007 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This is a fairly easy jelly level as the UFO's will help a lot. Hit the UFO's with a stripe or a stripe/wrap combo and they will send their 3 wrapped candies into the blockers to clear them. If there are no blockers to clear they will go for the chocolate.
Once the UFO's have done their job you just need to mop up the remaining jellies.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Once again only 20 moves on Android and 50 moves on PC. Just not fair.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't believe it. Used a Chocolate Sprinkle and a fish. Got a Stripe/Wrap combo that set off all three UFO's. Finished with 16 moves left.

Pam said...

A huge Thank You to the person who said the pc has 50 moves! I could not pass this level on my iPad and used all my boosters! Grrr! Passed it on the first try with no moves on the PC! It is absolutely ridiculous that the PC and other devices are not the same!!!

Gil said...

The PC has total of 158 (!!!) more moves in this episode than Android.

I am playing only on Android (All 2015 levels), so, I am not playing the same game as PC players, and did much harder way to reach this far.

I feel deceived.

SharonH said...

I see King has done it AGAIN! 50 turns on the PC and only 20 on mobile! I guess that is 5 more than on a previous level, lol! When are we all going to just quit and maybe King will get a clue as to how unfair these levels are on mobiles.

Anonymous said...

Impossible with 20 moves on IPad. I even used all 3 boosters. 2 stars first try on the PC with 50 moves.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. I didn't even have to use boosters on the iphone. Fifty moves was plenty!

Anonymous said...

There are now 50 moves on iPad. First try. JS

Anonymous said...

In the future, let's trade in all timed rounds for fun levels like this!