Candy Crush Saga Level 2022 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2022 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 2022 can be a very tricky level as you only have 15 moves to clear the jelly on a board with lots of holes which prevent easy forming of specials and combos.
I found that working close to the bottom of the board worked best as it causes the candies to cascade and saves moves. The mystery candies can be a real help but you do need a bit of luck for them. If you get mainly blockers and chocolate they could really ruin the game, but if you get the good stuff like colour bombs you can clear a lot of jelly.
You really need to play carefully on this level as you can't afford to waste a single move.
A jelly fish booster or colour bomb booster may help if you are having trouble clearing level 2022.
Video below
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anonymous37 said...

After several futile attempts (kept getting blockers or chocolate for the most part), I used a sprinkle plus striped/wrapped and reset till the sprinkle was next to the wrapped. Then I made moves to try to get as many colors as the wrapped on the board before combining them. Worked like a charm.

Unknown said...

Where is everyone!

Tamijay said...

Fish booster did the trick - first try.

bookboss said...

In response to unknown above, i wonder how many people are still playing! Ive not passed this yet, no boosters left but it seems a fun level, at least no time bombs or chocolate.

Diana C said...

Easy level 1st try, no boosters.

Anonymous said...

I used the fish booster and reset until I could get at least one stripe. Guess I had a lucky board too so finished on my second try.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is probably still stuck on level 2020.

Anonymous said...

Third try, no boosters. Just have to tack time and look carefully before every move.