Candy Crush Saga Level 2106 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2106 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Allina
First thing you want to do on this level is get rid of the evil spawner. After you get rid of that , concentrate on clearing the jelly in the column just below the licorice dispenser so they don’t get away from you.
All the licorice feeds into the left side of the board via a portal, which is your larger play field so try to keep them at a minimum so you can make some combos. As with all clear the jelly levels, the corners and top rows tend to be the most difficult to reach so look for opportunities to clear them after each move. 5 colors usually means you shouldn’t have too big of an issue making special candies, you just have to work around all the licorice which blocks blasts.
I used 1 hammer to complete this level.
Video below

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Anonymous said...

I just saw on line that CBS announced in mid October that they are developing a new game show of "Candy Crush". Not sure of an air date yet. I live in western Canada.

Anonymous said...

I had more than 100 boosters from playing sugar drops and I found that they have vanished leaving nil boosters. I think this has been happening to few of our players in the last levels .. I have completed level 2105. It's better not to horde boosters than to get them snatched away from us. There is no way for us to get them back. Loosing interest in the game !

Anonymous said...

Since neither of these posts have to do with this specific level, let me add to the complaints. I'm one of those idiots who buys boosters. Yet, the candy shop doesn't seem to work with my kindle which is attached to my Amazon account. Anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous said...

Not sure why no comments on this level, but another boring level. Can't remember when I enjoyed a level after 2000. Only getting one possible move each turn. And if it's not in left box, the spawner overruns it. Playing less and less.

Anonymous said...

Yea, not having a lot of fun on this level. Almost never more than one possible move, and it's usually pretty useless.

Posting for luck.


Anonymous said...

Huh? I don't understand why Allina used the hummer when she didn't have to. What am I missing? I watched the vid 3 times and still don't understand. There must be a reason, right?

Mad Man said...

There was only one more move at that point.

Sunnyday said...

Why do my treasure chests always disappear as soon as I get to them?

Anonymous said...

Not a difficult level or did I get lucky? I passed first attempt (no boosters) with four moves remaining.