Candy Crush Saga Level 2114 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2114 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
All the orders you need are on the board at the start of the game, so you just need to collect them in the 35 moves available.
Look for wrapped candies whenever possible, double wrap combos or stripe/wrap combos will go a long way to growing the popcorns into the colour bombs.
Whenever possible switch two colour bombs together, this will collect a layer of icing as well as unlocking and collecting chocolate and also it will grow the popcorns by one stage, so a fantastic combo for this level.
The UFO will always target something you need, so detonating it will only be a good thing, use it as soon as you can.
Work as close to the bottom of the board as you can but you must look for those combos wherever you can find them.
Video below 

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Victoria said...

After getting no where I decided to use color bomb and candy wrap booster and reset until they were together. Looks like this will be the only way to pass as I wasted a hammer on a previous game hitting the UFO, it didn't do much for me.

Anonymous said...

This looked like a stinker, but after about 15 attempts, it all just happened!! No boosters were needed.
Must have been the allusive "lucky board"

Anonymous said...

Another pure luck level

michelle mcbride said...

That worked thank you

SharonH said...

It always seems to me that the first time you try a new level, things go pretty well and you get a feeling of false security...It happens to me on most levels...Got all the choco balls, and got close to winning this level. Now on my second day playing, one useless move after another, accomplishing NOTHING! This is when I get tired of playing! There isn't any challenge playing while waiting for that lucky board😥

Anonymous said...

Nice balance of strat and luck. Needs a lot of luck to get the board opened then careful planning to clear the last of the icing. No boosters, three stars, second try.


Lorraine said...

This level is Bullshit been on it for couple weeks. Getting no where even with boosters. The ufo only seems to go up top left corner so no help :( over this boring level

Anonymous said...

I agree, this level sucks!