Candy Crush Saga Level 2198 Cookies tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2198 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 15 moves to collect the 9 yellow candies.
The yellow candies will be provided by the lucky candies on the left part of the board.
First look to see if there are any matches on the left, look again after your first move as there are colour changing candies there and there may be a match when they have changed.
If there are no matches to be made there look for colourbombs or sideways stripes on the right to hit the lucky candies and get the yellows.
Keep looking for matches on the left as once you start to match the lucky candies more matches will often be possible and it doesn't take many moves to get the 9 yellows needed.
Video below
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Anon lafy said...

Thanks, King, that was amazingly easy for a change. First time, no boosters needed.

Rick said...

I agree. This is a gift level. Passed it in 5 moves on 1st try no boosters.

Mad Man said...

Third try, with tick booster and used a hammer on last move. I must be an idiot...

Gamergal said...

So I must be the only one having a hard time with this level. Tick booster wasn't helpful but wasted instead. Lucky board maybe? Will keep trying because so far, no luck with this one....I am hopeful after reading the comments posted.


Anonymous said...

Always look nice left, a combo strip wrapped sweet on the left side and without booster the level finished:)

Anonymous said...

Definitely needs a lucky board as it's not easy to make stripes on the right side. Got it about the fourth go. Had a match at the bottom left first move which gave me a yellow stripe then later a stripe/wrap on the right finished off the game with five moves remaining.