Candy Crush Saga Level 2228 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2228 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Score 125,000 points in 25 moves to complete level 2228.
This is a big score to get with so few moves, so you will need the countdown bombs to boost your score.
Use stripes and stripe/wrap combos to keep clearing the chocolate so that you get more bombs. Clearing bombs with stripes will boost your score, but to really have a good chance of passing you need to clear bombs with colourbombs.
Make matches under the dispensers which will give you mystery candies, these will hopefully give you special candies to help clear the chocolate and bombs.
As with all levels containing mystery candies you will need a bit of luck, but if you study the board carefully and play as close to the bottom as you can the score will be achievable, though not easy.
Starting the level with a colourbomb booster will het you well on the way to your first star if you can use it to clear one or two nbombs at the start.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

It took three tries, but I started with a color bomb each time. On the third try there were three bombs and several regular candies that were the same color. I hit that color with my color bomb, and it was pretty much over. If you can keep resetting, for a favorable board, this should be quick. I play on a PC, where ya gotta run what ya brung. Wasted a couple free color bombs... oh well.


Anonymous said...

Got this in one try without any boosters. Sheer skill, or a lucky board?

Cybelle said...

First try without boosters 3 stars, got choco balls appearing just like that. Nice to get easier levers cause for a while it was ridiculous. Thanks cc

Martha said...

Started with chocolate sprinkle. Used a hand switch to put 2 sprinkles together. This gained a lot of points and took out all current bombs. Had to use a hammer to kill a countdown bomb about to go off. One star but moving on.

Anonymous said...

Easy with a colour bomb. Start with one if you have lots - and its as god as over.

Good luck from Manila

Anonymous said...

Only 20 moves on Android. First try, first move made a chocolate sprinkle which self detonated and gave me 197,000 points. After that the chocolate is your friend which you don't want to destroy because it covers the time bombs and you have to play out all the moves. Ended up with 223,000 pts.

michelle mcbride said...
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michelle mcbride said...
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Rollem said...

If you start with a colour bomb, take out a candy the same colour as one of the countdown ones and this will give you a great start, the rest should be easy.

Anonymous said...

like rollum, but keep resetting until two or more bombs of the same colour appear that you can set off with the bomb - should get about 90,000 to start