Candy Crush Saga Level 2297 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2297 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 18 moves to collect 5 ingredients and clear the jelly.
This is all about timing, you need to get the ingredients down to the exits as quickly as possible because you only have 2 ingredients on the board at a time, so no more will drop until you get one off the board.
First collect the keys to unlock the two ingredients at the bottom and get them out of the exits quickly.
The next two ingredients will drop down in line with the portals so don't move them out of the column until they are through the portal and onto the conveyor,
Clear the blockers each side and the ingredients can then fall through to the exits at each side.
The last ingredient will drop as soon as one of those is collected.
Vertical stripes are good for collecting the ingredients but they have to be in the right place to be collected. The jelly will almost clear itself while you are collecting the ingredients.
Video below
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Anonymous said...

Found starting with a coconut wheel and a fish (mainly 'cuz I got a bunch of em) made short work of this level.


Anonymous said...

another idiotic level
3 choices here because there's not enough moves
use boosters (if you have any)
buy boosters
wait for lucky board (again)
this whole episode has been an utter shambles
GET IT SORTED getting really bored with this game now.

CC from vero😎 said...

iPad doesn't have a coco wheel- much harder!!

Anonymous said...

Beat it first try! Started with a fish because MB said he did. But I don't know if I needed it because I had a super good board that gave me several special candies and 3 CB:) lucky, lucky, lucky. Thank you, King! iPhone/1 fish/2 stars

michelle mcbride said...

Played on my non updated tablet. See a theme here... Beat it first try.. No booster... Keep a device not updated
Some of this levels very hard ones beaten on this table... Too hard with the updated versions ..

Anonymous said...

18 moves Yeah right - BEYOND RIDICULOUS !!!!

Anonymous said...

Michelle can you explain what you mean by updating? Why does that make it harder? Thanks

Martha said...

As suggested above, I started with a coconut wheel and fish. Had to use 2 lollipop hammers to get last 2 fruit out. One star. Overall not as bad as some of the other recent levels.

Anonymous said...

On android no coconut wheel option.Another day spent on this bullshit level.Back to reading books for me.

Addicted said...

Just played on iPhone and there's 40 moves so quite an easy level now! First try, 3 stars.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Nailed it with boosters. Started with sprinkle, stripe/wrap and fish. Reset until sprinkle next to wrap. Switched a few candies at top to allow keys to drop then switched sprinkle and wrap. This cleared most of the blockers and jelly and unlocked ingredients. Was able to drop final two ingredients down the bottom right side instead of waiting for the conveyor to move them through the portal. Still needed a swap and hammer with one move left to drop the last two on bottom right. At least it's done.

Lorraine said...

Android hasn't got the choice of coconut wheel :(. Another boring wait waiting for that lucky board.

Anonymous said...

No coconut wheel on iPad.

Anonymous said...

Not enough dam moves!!!!!

Anonymous said...

After spending days and days (and days!) on the last level waiting for King to bestow the lucky board I now find yet another level which needs absolutely no skill bit much luck and patience waiting for yet another lucky board. No coconut wheel on either android or I pad!