Candy Crush Saga Level 2313 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2313 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to score 70,000 points in 25 moves to complete level 2313 Candy Crush Saga.
First clear some of the blockers to give you space to work and make specials in the main part of the board. Then unlock at least one of the magic mixers at the bottom of the board. The mixers will spawn out countdown bombs which you will need if you are to have any chance of getting the score needed.
However the bombs have a countdown of only 5 moves so it is a good idea not to release them too early. If you can save a colourbomb to use on the bombs once they start to spawn that should get you well on the way to the points needed.
As the bombs have a very short countdown you need to play slowly and carefully and keep your eye on the number of moves left as well as the countdown.
Remember you have to use all the moves, so you don't want to let the bombs count down and kill the game.
Video below
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Momof3 said...

Its 90,000 not 70,000. Even more impossible.

michelle mcbride said...

Not too hard

Anonymous said...

This keeps the game fun when you can really rack up the points! Maybe I was lucky as the spawner I hit didn't produce many bombs to get rid of. Had 14 moves left when I hit it and only had about 5 bombs released. Saved all three sprinkles I had so used them on the color of the bombs.

Lorraine said...

Suprised there isn't more comments on here for this stupid level. Another boring wait waiting for that lucky board.

Anonymous said...

25 moves 90,000 on iPad. Please correct.

KiKi said...

90,000-25 moves on android
I swear when bombs drop the countdown varies...6 was highest
Hard to get combos
Where's my lucky board...