Candy Crush Saga Levels 2346 - 2360

This latest episode containing level 2346 to 2360 Candy Crush Saga has surpassed even the new "King's" record of changing levels after the first, faster players have stormed through!
Eleven of the fifteen levels have been made harder, in some cases impossible, by cutting the number of moves to ridiculously low levels. 
The developers seem to be publishing levels with 50 moves, without testing the difficulty level and using the first players through to test them.
Since most players now have free boosters they don't try to pass without and storm through the episode in a couple of hours or less. This gives a false reading of the difficulty so the moves are cut accordingly, leaving the players who start later or have less time with impossibly low numbers of moves and thus unable to pass.
Whether this is a strategy to end the Candy Crush Saga game since lots of layers will give up, or just in the hopes that we will spend more money to pass, is irrelevant. The fact is that most players will find other games that are less stressful and FREE!
I will try to write tips as usual as I pass the levels, but at the time of writing I am stuck on level 2349 with only 22 moves.
Other changes seem to be afoot too, with many players reporting that the PC game is now the same layout as the mobile game. I can't report on whether this is a good move from the players point of view as at the present time most players are not happy with the change and I have not had first hand experience of it yet. ( My game won't load! )
Please use the comments below to give your feedback, we are in touch with King through their website but doubt we can influence them in any significant way.


Johnny Crush said...

11 have been made harder, 1 has been made easier (2355) and 3 remained unchanged (2347, 2350 and 2353). All these levels without boosters here:

Anonymous said...

I got through all this morning. It took a few days and most levels required many boosters. I did make it through the last one with no boosters but only because I was lucky enough to get double choc balls. It was a lucky opportunity. So onward crushers...... at least I will only be playing once a day now till Wednesday..... seems you gotta get through fast to get the best chance of getting through and that is what they want you to think in the hopes that it will make you buy boosters... Obviously, the best thing to do to avoid that strategy of theirs is to hang on to your boosters and use them wisely.... something I am still learning to do:) See ya next week..... hope you will return MB????

Anonymous said...

Don't know what annoys me more, King or me. Couldn't make it a week away from something that I don't even like. I guess I just hate the thought of falling behind after coming this far (and that's probably what King counts on from their pay to play people). Sooo, it's back to harvesting sugar drops for boosters every eight hours until next Wednesday. At least it's an easy timed level this time. Just can't get three stars. Been through it several times and it's always 2, just short of three. three on everything else.

Sorry if my belief in using FREE boosters(well, actually not free because a LOT of time goes into gathering them)is the cause of everyone's problems, but I guess that's just how I am.


Anonymous said...

No sugar drops any more on any of my devices. Have they done away with them? No bouncing, no whit stripes. My game is up to date.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else experienced where the app just doesn't open? Orange open on mobile the back to main phone menu. It's been days. Any help?

Anonymous said...

So the sugar drops are gone?? And I still can't find the Magic Helmet. Is it not available on pc and iphone?

Redjam said...

I'm having this problem now. Worked fined yesterday. All day today...nothing! I can't get into it. I tried everything. Same thing happened last month & I finally had to reinstall app & lost all my boosters & saved lives---I don't want to have to do that again 😩

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why some levels are gone? Went to play for sugar drops and some levels are just gone. The levels before and after are there.