Candy Crush Saga Level 2432 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2432 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Score 70,000 points in 40 moves to complete level 2432 Candy Crush Saga.
You are unlikely to get the score needed if you don't clear the blockers under the portals and allow the bombs to fall down into play.
Normal matches won't give you enough points even though there are plenty of moves.
You may find it easier to only clear one side of blockers, that way you only have one lot of bombs to worry about and just one colourbomb use on a colour that has some bombs will be enough to get the score needed, then you just have to use up the rest of your moves without letting the bombs count down.
Video below
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Lucia said...

I found this easy(ish) once I held off on releasing the bombs until I didn't have many moves left. I think I saved up a color bomb to hit the bombs with too. As always, this is easier said than done.

Livia Saunders said...

I cleared one side but the bombs started falling from the other side... Hmm

Rick said...

This is a level that a CB combo won't work but will actually kill your game because it will remove the licorice holding up the 5-count bombs on both sides. What I did was clear as much cream blockers on the bottom part of the board and also to reduce the number of moves. Once they are replaced by candies, it is much easier to create color bombs to boost your score. Be careful of exploding a horizontal stripe on the upper part of the board that will hit a licorice that will cause a countdown bomb to be released.

carlton said...

This level is definitely easier without the helmet.As Rick stated earlier the less combo's the better...especially early on. You have 40 moves and the countdown bombs are 8 so do the math. This is more about defense than offense making short passes like tom brady and then toward the end forming a color bomb to match the time bombs and scoring the touchdown. I actually tried this with the helmet and failed 3/4 times.

Kat said...

Rick and Carlton are right. Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

I was able to do it with the red helmet and three extra moves. I was able to make moves in the center that did not set off the timed bombs until as late as possible. I did set off the CB safely, then got another one which I was able to save. At the end I needed only one hammer to get a timed bomb and then was able to play out the moves. I took careful notice of the times left on the timed bombs. Also was able to keep both sides from releasing timed bombs. I'd like to think it was skill, but I know it was just luck! Carol,the elder