Candy Crush Saga Level 2437 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2437 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This level needs a fair amount of luck to complete if you don't want to use boosters.
You only have 15 moves to clear all the jelly and the board is very restricted.
You have to rely on the stripes along the top to be pointing in the right direction to hit the chocolate, wrapped candies and the two squares which are separated from the board.
In the first few moves you need to be able to fire a downward stripe twice to hit the wrapped candy beside the chocolate before it gets eaten by the chocolate. The first stripe will clear the licorice and the second will detonate the wrap.
Unfortunately as often as not the second stripe that drops will be a sideways stripe and won't hit the wrap, so it will get covered by chocolate meaning you need two more hits to get another wrap and detonate it.
The stripes from the dispensers will be all you need to complete the level IF they are the right way for what you need. 
You can use a colourbomb booster to detonate the wrap at the start, or a lolly hammer, if you are struggling with the level.
Video below 
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niko the wolf said...

Used a fish booster.

Suzie O said...

me too

Cybelle said...

Posting for luck... its always giving me stipes that shoots the wrong way

Anonymous said...

After playing over and over and over again, finally broke down and used a fish booster and sprinkle ball, and still needed one hammer to complete. If you have the boosters, don't waste your time trying to complete without a booster.

Anonymous said...

this board needs only luck

Anonymous said...

Cookie, your videos are so easy to follow, with the ring around tbe cursor, and so helpful. They're done at a "thoughtful" speed. I knew this was a video from Skillgaming from the first barely could see it move to the last where in the world is the cursor move. All of this being done at warp speed, impossible to follow. Absolutely no help at all, at least for me. Please don't use anymore of his videos. He's a fantastic player but not all of us can follow his nonstop race to the finish. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Shitty level. You need luck and no brains needed. Until now... no luck.... so very boring.

Anonymous said...

Level that requires luck, not skill.

Anonymous said...

Stupid bullshit level!