Candy Crush Saga Level 2459 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2459 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
This level is all about clearing the magic mixers. The mixer in the middle is fairly easy to clear and will open up the board so you can make special candies and combos.
Once the first magic mixer is cleared work towards the bottom of the board to destroy the other mixers. 
While you are working on clearing the mixers keep your eye on the chocolate at the top of the board, you need to keep it from blocking the top row as this will prevent further candies dropping and you could run out of moves.
Level 2459 shouldn't cause you too many problems once you get started although it is possible you won't be able to make any good moves at the start and the game could end with no available moves.
Starting the level with a colourbomb or a stripe and wrap may help you get a good start.
Video below
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  1. Choc + wrap from magic helmet opened up the board and it was easy from there.

  2. ha, I was coming to say the same thing... reset until you have sprinkle and wrap together.

  3. Would like to just say thank you to my fellow bloggers who take the time to offer encouragements and tips. Don't think I would still be here without you. Thanks a million.

  4. Second attempt and no booster. Only luck or easy? I don't know, but it is done

  5. Thank you so much for the excellent tip. After the last 3 awful levels, I was thinking about quitting. Got this one on the first try so here I go again.

  6. Patience......struggled and was getting frustrated after reading how "easy" this was and getting no where after about 10 tries....then got the lucky board....

  7. I've warned all my lower level friends to go ahead and quit this game since it's all about getting the lucky board. King has sucked the fun right out of this game. Ready to throw in the towel myself!! Ugh

  8. This level has been anything but easy. Been here for several days and have yet to get close. Used up all my boosters so I'm just waiting around for lucky board and collecting sugar drops in the mean time.

  9. Lucky board finally showed up!!!

  10. I failed to land on this level during a magic run but I could tell I needed help, I used color bomb/wrap boosters and reset until comfortable with bomb/wrap combo ratio, it worked like a 3 star charm on 2nd try.

    Cheat any chance you get, this computer is programed worst then the hijad.


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