Candy Crush Saga Level 2597 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2597 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have 18 moves to collect one double stripe combo and one double wrap combo.
This isn't a hard level as you don't have to make the wraps or stripes, they are provided by the dispensers on the board. All you have to do is get them together without them self destructing so you can switch them.
You can make a wrap fairly easily in the top part of the board and wait for the other wrap to move along the conveyor so you can switch them. 
Clear some of the blockers in the middle so you have space to drop candies off the conveyor to allow the combos to get together.
You can let the top stripe or wrap drop down through the middle to match with the bottom one, but you need to make sure you remove all candies the same colour as the wrap to prevent them matching and being lost.
Video below
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  1. Watching that video for 3rd time after my multiple failed attempts and I realize what a load of shit luck you need.

    I can think of so many more novel levels in my head that could make this game fun again but really these CC developers only want the saps that pay big bucks for their "ahem" boosters and whatnot. Try that fucking wheel for extra moves don't ya, and land on the most useless Booster ever, the fish. I'm losing interest by the day. Waiting to reach 3000 then I delete.

  2. as luck would have it, i passed this level, first try, no boosters. just watching carefully for opportunities. to poster above: maybe the level knew you were being mean and decided to keep you around for awhile. Or maybe it is sad you are leaving at level 3000 and decided not to let you get there.

  3. Whenever someone says they are leaving when they reach a certain level they are NOT leaving!!! lol... otherwise you would just delete now. Btw, the last two times I went for the extra moves wheel I got it.

  4. I have deleted this game twice in the past then came back. lol
    Don't delete it! You know you'll come back. And when you come back you will find all the boosters you saved gone. PC/No Booster/3stars

  5. So 5 moves taken away, now just 13 moves to beat it.
    Why do King have to make these levels harder for those who are not up to date ?
    If the first people who play it get 18 moves then let everyone get 18 moves.

  6. Lordy, is anyone home at King? I passed this level on my phone as level 2586 without too much effort. When I went to play 2597 on my PC - it was the opposite level! So, I get a different board for level 2597 (10 cherries required - another impossible level) on my iPhone, and get the stripe/stripe, wrap/wrap level on my PC for 2597. Immensely dislike having to pass ANY level twice!

  7. Definitely not fun, and definitely a lucky board level. I've tried all the boosters and they are worthless. Come on, lucky board!

  8. I was hoping to read some tips here. Not sure there is a way to get through here easily. Clearly not enough moves.

  9. Just passed the level on my second try with a Lucky Candy and waiting between moves to carefully check the board. The two wrapped candies fell from the dispenser. The two striped candies were lined up from a Lucky Candy match after I had made a Candy Bomb and matched it with candy with the most colors which opened up the middle of the board.

  10. Finally passed using switches. I got 2 first and then got the last 3 by switching them one column over. That way you don't have to deal with blocker at the bottom.

  11. I played this several days with no boosters, but didn't even get close. Then I tried the stripe/wrap, resetting until 2 stripes were adjacent. One down! A few moves later, 2 wraps suddenly appeared next to each other. Game over with moves to spare!

    After playing with no boosters and getting nowhere, I tried a stripe/wrap resetting until 2 stripes were next to each other so one down. Somehow a few moves later 2 wraps appeared next to each other so this was easy with lots of moves to spare! Hooray!


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