Candy Crush Saga Level 2619 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2619 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
Chocolate, chocolate everywhere! and only 20 moves to clear it and the jelly underneath!
Ideally you want to get a vertical stripe in the top row so that you can fire it into the chocolate to get some candies in there.
Stripes from the sides aren't as effective as they won't allow candies to drop and you need candies to make matches in the chocolate if you are to have any chance of passing this level.
If you can't get into the chocolate in the first few moves it is unlikely you will pass.
Once you have candies in the middle and can make matches it is fairly easy to make combos, including colourbombs as there are only 4 colours on the board.
Video below
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  1. So with a big help of Space Dash, I beat this level on my first try. Before the game, it says if I beat it on my first try I would win something. But after the game, it did not say what I won. My icon now has a croun. But I still don't know what I won.

  2. Used a color bomb and striped/wrapped combo. Was lucky enough to get the stripe next to the wrapped, immediately, and that make quick work of it.

  3. No skill required whatsoever, only luck. Rubbish level...

  4. Gee - stop me if you've heard this before. One useless move available, make it, shuffle, repeat until you're out of moves. Or MAYBE if you get lucky, it will break the chocolate with 2-3 moves left.
    It's one thing to create boards that are impossible to beat without multiple cheats (see the last hundred boards, seemingly), but it's another to make an impossible board that's not even fun to play. Every board nowadays, I either don't use cheats and completely waste my time, or have to use every single cheat to barely beat it. I think I'm done. It was a good run, though. Have fun everyone - I can tell when King is just begging for money.

  5. I do hate this level, so useless. Just waiting for a lucky board I guess.

  6. There are two ways you can pass this level:
    1) Get an extremely lucky board right from the start
    2) Spam the board with whatever booster you have in storage

    Both methods just point to one single fact - Kings game design totally sucks to the max

  7. Never had a helmet20 July 2017 at 22:57

    6-7 attempts, no boosters, 3 stars.


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