Candy Crush Saga Level 2632 Tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 2632 Candy Crush Saga without boosters by Cookie
You have to collect 20 licorice whorls to complete level 2632 Candy Crush Saga.
There are a couple of ways to collect the licorice in this level, you can use vertical stripes and stripe/wrap combos to grow a couple of the popcorns and let the licorice drop down into the playing area. Or, you can use colourbombs switched with either a stripe or another colourbomb.
Whichever combo you use you will need more than one combo as the popcorns have to be hit three times to grow them.
The good news is that there is no need to grow all the popcorns, 2 or 3 will usually be enough, so if you are using stripes try to stay on the same side of the board if possible so you can hit the same popcorns repeatedly. You will waste too many moves if you hit random popcorns on both sides of the board.
Double colourbomb combos will hit all the popcorns and also collect all the licorice that is on the board when you switch them, so make sure you have the maximum amount of licorice before you switch the colourbombs.
Colourbomb/stripe combos rely quite a bit on luck as you never know where the stripes will go, so this is not quite as effective.
Video below
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  1. I am no longer getting my free booster for playing daily Anyone else have this problem??

    1. Yikes! Really? I have mine still. I hope you fixed the problem by now and it is not a preview of thing to come for the rest of us. I'm not a Ms. Cookie level player. I need my boosters.

  2. Me too, no more daily spin of the wheel if I play on PC. Mobile still have but levels are not updated as fast as PC

  3. Not having a lot of luck with this level. With 6 colors on the board, you need a lot of luck and skill to line up vertical stripes and/or create sprinkle balls. I am finding it increasingly difficult to pass these levels. I do believe you have to have skill to foresee potential special candies and I'm not particularly good at that. In addition, the limited number of moves makes it so much more difficult. I'm not enjoying this game as much because I do not feel a level of satisfaction in completing a level. It is so frustrating, that when I finally complete one, I feel relief, not accomplishment. That is something the game creators need to look into. Is that what they're aiming for?

  4. Another level that is almost impossible on a PC but will be very easy on iPhone with space dash. It is not worth playing this game on PC anymore as the levels require too many boosters to complete.


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