Level 1001 - 1100

Here are the level guides for level 1,001 to 1,100 of Candy Crush Saga. Here we have written tips or videos for every level of Candy Crush Saga from level 1001 to level 1100.
Some levels may only have a video link if they are deemed to be easy enough not to need tips, but we've tried to write tips for the tricky levels.
Click on the level you need to take you to the tips and video.

Level 1001                                          Level 1051
Level 1002                                          Level 1052
Level 1003                                          Level 1053
Level 1004                                          Level 1054
Level 1005                                          Level 1055
Level 1006                                          Level 1056
Level 1007                                          Level 1057
Level 1008                                          Level 1058
Level 1009                                          Level 1059
Level 1010                                          Level 1060
Level 1011                                          Level 1061
Level 1012                                          Level 1062
Level 1013                                          Level 1063
Level 1014                                          Level 1064
Level 1015                                          Level 1065
Level 1016                                          Level 1066
Level 1017                                          Level 1067
Level 1018                                         Level 1068
Level 1019                                         Level 1069
Level 1020                                         Level 1070
Level 1021                                        Level 1071
Level 1022                                        Level 1072
Level 1023                                        Level 1073
Level 1024                                        Level 1074
Level 1025                                        Level 1075
Level 1026                                        Level 1076
Level 1027                                        Level 1077
Level 1028                                        Level 1078
Level 1029                                        Level 1079
Level 1030                                        Level 1080
Level 1031                                        Level 1081
Level 1032                                        Level 1082
Level 1033                                        Level 1083
Level 1034                                        Level 1084
Level 1035                                        Level 1085
Level 1036                                        Level 1086
Level 1037                                        Level 1087
Level 1038                                        Level 1088
Level 1039                                        Level 1089
Level 1040                                        Level 1090
Level 1041                                        Level 1091
Level 1042                                        Level 1092
Level 1043                                        Level 1093
Level 1044                                        Level 1094
Level 1045                                        Level 1095
Level 1046                                        Level 1096
Level 1047                                        Level 1097
Level 1048                                        Level 1098
Level 1049                                        Level 1099
 Level 1050                                       Level 1100


  1. Don't try fish on level 1016, doesn't eat the jelly!!

  2. 1010-1025 was surprisingly easy. Only one or two caused me a bit of trouble, but otherwise I passed most levels at the first or second try, and with 3 stars in almost all of them.
    I have more trouble getting 3 stars in levels 200-300 than in these ones at the end :)

  3. AGREE 1010-1025, easiest group that I remember, finished all in just a few hours (not all 3 stars).

  4. 1027 the fruit falls on 41 36 31 26 21 16 so make sure it is over a chute or you will have to move it over with a color switch

  5. Level 1032,Save your boosters,close to impossible (or lucky board), no skill involved

  6. couldn't agree more with level 1032, ridiculously hard,I would say impossible. If only I had the sugar cubes that I hear so much about. When will King give them to everyone!!!!!!!!!!????????

  7. Level 1027,

    Fruits will drop in moves 41, 36, 31, 26, 21 and 16. Try to align them with the portal otherwise you are doom.

  8. Level 1032

    I can't wait to see a video. I don't think this level is possible without wrapped candies falling from the sky (luck) or using multiple boosters!!

  9. I got a lucky board on 1032 after 20-30 tries, really boring, all about luck. Hate those levels.

  10. 1039 is a real nasty MF, only when I got a rainbow and a striped ball next to each other could I finish it.

  11. Any help for 1043? I can't get near it.

  12. billyrabbit
    concentrate on making combos

  13. 1043: I finally used a mystery candy booster, and stripe/wrap booster and a sprinkle all the at same time, and that did it. Having trouble with 1044 getting any kind of matches.

  14. someone join me on level 1061 - I need info on how to get through this incredibly hard level :(

  15. 1061 - try making wrapped candy and setting off next to horizontal row of caged chocolate, this means all chocolate is destroyed as it is released in the same move. Otherwise sad to say it is really just luck! Try not to realise too much chocolate unless you have built several good candies!

    Did make it without boosters but I agree not a nice level

  16. Thanks - finally made it and only by shear luck. A lot of boosters on the board made it that much easier....next :)

  17. I collect boosters with sugar drops and then use lots of lollipop hammers and hand switches to get past these levels. Currently on 1063.

  18. Where are all the comments for levels 1041 -1055? I miss the regulars!

  19. Billyrabbit, for 1043 all I can think of is reset to free choc ball on first move and for immediate possible combos, then keep your fingers crossed.

  20. Ladies & gents has anyone got any ideas about level 1079. I suspect I just need to wait for a favourable board especially as the last cherry doesn't drop till 5 moves left. Frustrating though.

  21. 1079 is a pain, really not nice to drop final cherry so late. Just make as many nice combos as you can while you wait for those last 5 moves and then it will work.... but then you will have to deal with level 1081 which I think I will need to use the previous advise of get lots of boosters and cross fingers....

  22. Am also struggling with 1079. The initial layout is crappy and with 5 colours proves extremely difficult, not to mention final cherry dropping at 5 moves. Whoa. No can do :(

  23. Any help with 1081?

  24. Ok, managed 1081 - pure luck in the end, and now 1082 looks impossible!

  25. 1051 gave me a little trouble as bombs would explode - hate bombs. I used one of my bonus Sprinkle Balls to start the game. Then another Sprinkle bar was assembled. They were right next to each other, so I let them rip. Then it was easy. Did not use the Frog. GOod luck! Sugar Cat

  26. If you're struggling take your time. Level 1101 is a very frustrating level. I think it might take a few days unless I get a favourable board.

  27. One to look forward to. 1107 great fun. First time, huge score, no boosters. I'm enjoying these new levels.

  28. 1115 second try, all else first try. You won't find this episode difficult. Good luck amm and it was fun. No boosters used though I earn't a full set. Waiting room!

  29. Level 1091, what am I missing? With only 20 moves, I'm having a hard time. ~MM

  30. 1101 seems impossible. I'm hoping for that lucky board.

  31. Level 1091.....any suggestions...PLEASE !!

  32. Can anyone tell me how to clear the jelly next to the bombs on level 1093?

  33. 1052 tips , where are you? Hard level

  34. My score is way higher than all who crossed this level !!!! Then why do I not pass this stupid level !!!!!! Some one or king does'nt like me 😫 I give up now ..... Waste my time here on this one !!!!

  35. Sorry my level is 1043 !!! It sucks .... High score doesn't mean a thing :(

  36. So what I'm wondering is why we can't continue to post at every level even if they only have the video. Do they just not want to moderate the posts anymore? I really miss the help from all of you guys! Can we all just continue to post here regardless of the level we are on? I'm on 1051. does anyone have advice other than starting with a sprinkle ball? Thanks!

  37. Any help on 1069? Wish we could comment on individual levels! What happened?

  38. Any tips for level 1045?

  39. Why did you stop comments on individual levels? I came to enjoy the experiences of other players and much help from individuals. Too many videos. Not helpful. I'mean on 1050 trying to catch up!

  40. 1043 another stupid level. Create a cascade? Wtf! Sends down every colour except orange. This could be the level to make me realise ENOUGH!! BORING

  41. I've past 1062 twice and it doesn't let me go to 1063. Have any of you encountered that?

  42. I've past 1062 twice and it doesn't let me go to 1063. Have any of you encountered that?


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