Level 901 - 1000

Here are the level guides for level 901 to 1000 of Candy Crush Saga. Here we have written tips and videos for every level from level 901 to level 1,000.
Click on the level you need to take you to the tips and video.

Level 901                                          Level 951
Level 902                                          Level 952
Level 903                                          Level 953
Level 904                                          Level 954
Level 905                                          Level 955
Level 906                                          Level 956
Level 907                                          Level 957
Level 908                                          Level 958
Level 909                                          Level 959
Level 910                                          Level 960
Level 911                                          Level 961
Level 912                                          Level 962
Level 913                                          Level 963
Level 914                                          Level 964
Level 915                                          Level 965
Level 916                                          Level 966
Level 917                                          Level 967
Level 918                                         Level 968
Level 919                                         Level 969
Level 920                                         Level 970
Level 921                                        Level 971
Level 922                                        Level 972
Level 923                                        Level 973
Level 924                                        Level 974
Level 925                                        Level 975
Level 926                                        Level 976
Level 927                                        Level 977
Level 928                                        Level 978
Level 929                                        Level 979
Level 930                                        Level 980
Level 931                                        Level 981
Level 932                                        Level 982
Level 933                                        Level 983
Level 934                                        Level 984
Level 935                                        Level 985
Level 936                                        Level 986
Level 937                                        Level 987
Level 938                                        Level 988
Level 939                                        Level 989
Level 940                                        Level 990
Level 941                                        Level 991
Level 942                                        Level 992
Level 943                                        Level 993
Level 944                                        Level 994
Level 945                                        Level 995
Level 946                                        Level 996
Level 947                                        Level 997
Level 948                                        Level 998
Level 949                                        Level 999
 Level 950                                       Level 1000


  1. hi dear all,
    level 951 really difficult to collect yellow candy in numbers.
    anyone pass through? please share useful tips. thanks.
    i m trying indeed, but seems like have to clear large number of candies in every 2~3 steps than only yellow candy reappear...hmmm difficult level.

  2. I passed it by getting about three wraps and sprinkle bomb combinations. You need some luck with this one. Had one move left.

  3. on 951, halfway thru hardly any yellows come down. I think the closest I have come is 20 left.

  4. I agree 951 is tough but I managed eventually to get lucky and passed so hang in there!! You will pass it! Now I'm stuck on 956 and thinking this might be the end of CC for me. It's a horrid timed level (the WORST!!!) and I can't even come close to the amount of required points in such a ridiculous short time!!! Good luck everyone.

  5. 974 is a boring BS level. usually only one move to make then shuffle.
    By the time the last key drops you might have 3 moves to finish.

  6. At level 976 you get only 5 moves, are you kidding me? HE HE HE....

  7. Level 973…the worst times level ever.

  8. 979 was only possible for me by combining a choc bomb with a wrapped.

  9. Anyone got close on 989 yet ? seems to me it needs at least another 10 moves to stand a chance.

  10. And would you believe it very next go I got it with 5 moves left.
    Just had to clear 2 cakes and the hammers took care of the rest.

  11. 991 anybody? The last ingredient never came down. ???????????????

  12. @boulderchuck I've played that level about 10 times where that's happened to me. I even had like 18 moves left and one fruit to bring down, but it never appeared. Game glitch?

  13. Stuck on 993...

  14. 980-995 is the easiest episode ever.. It took me a few hours in total.
    I didn't use any boosters, i didn't had to ask friends for more lives.

  15. I am also stuck on 993!!

  16. Yeah, 991 is odd, I could not get the last fruit down either, but then I played it again and it worked. The two colored bombs on either side had not been released, so it cant have anything to do with that.
    993 is among the nastiest in the whole game, took me like 50 tries or so before getting enough purple and orange candies.

  17. Just finished 993 after almost 2 days and about 100 efforts.
    Sad thing is if I had paid attention 18 hours ago I would have had it 90 goes sooner and saved myself a lot of swearing !!!

  18. Any tips for 993?

  19. I dont think there is any strategy for 993, its all about luck. In this case getting a lot of rainbow candies

  20. The way I played 993 was where possible use the bombs under the locked choc bomb on the left hand side to free the jelly around it.
    Then try to clear above it. Tho use the chance to clear above wherever possible. Then you need a choc and a sprinkle to stand any chance. If you get that you then need to clear the jelly asap to give you the chance to make choco balls.
    Very frustrating level. I had to use a wappy hand and a hammer to clear it on the last move.
    Mind you when I went back to it after finishing the level I cleared it first go with no boosters and 5 moves spare.

  21. I must say level 1000 is a total let down.

  22. well quite an easy episode. 1008 is a strange one if you clear the extreme top side boxes you then have to clear the colours in them. I cleared this level with both of them still covered by a layer of jelly

  23. 1008 is a tough level just for the 2 upper corners.

  24. Yes the upper corners are hard to clear. But as a side above when I passed the upper corners were still covered so I didn't need to clear them


  26. I am looking for tips and videos of the new 1000 levels. Will they be posted soon please????

  27. Where are the hints for 1001, MsCookieKirby?

  28. No need for hints for 1010 to 1025 very easy level.

  29. I wonder what's happened to the lady who does the videos for these levels? I hope she's okay.

  30. No way you can pass 10001 unless you pay for lots of extra moves so unfair.Please rectify this game with giving us extra moves at the start.

  31. Just finished level 1010, when can we expect next upgrade. Please rush with next set of levels😜😜😜

  32. im on 1038 seems to be an impossible level.

  33. I just can't see how I can clear the upper corners on level 1008.... HELP !!!

  34. Previous comment was mine. I finally completed this level by combining two chocolate bombs, later, chocolate bomb with stripe and lollipops to terminate this ordeal.

  35. Hi. Any tips for 1018? I'm finding it really hard to get anywhere before the bombs explode.

  36. Just replayed 1018 cleared in one go. All I did was get the key cleared asap. Then its just as many combos as possible.

  37. As dicas param no nível 1000 e depois? Onde estão as dicas para os próximos

  38. Need hints for level 1027. This one is a pain because you have to move the fruit over to get it through the portals.

  39. When sugar drops are up to a level to get reward, game goes to the claim reward but locks up. Can not get out of window. Cannot play a new game. Have to completely power off iPad to get on a game. Anyone having this problem or a solution to it. I'm on level 948.

  40. Level 1001 keys will not drop. Fruit will not drop since keys do not drop. Have played down to 6 moves left and not one key has dropped.

  41. top marks to the 10 year old who invented level 1050. Playing the same move 10 to 15 times in a row before the board reshuffles is genius. Another day on this level and I have decided King has chosen to bore its players to death and the end is nigh.
    There is very little skill involved anymore. Mostly pure luck and total boredom.

  42. It would be great if someone would post the levels that work best for Candy Drops. Does anyone have a list?

  43. 1054 is yet another total bore of a level. This 15 series has to be the most boring ever. Maybe time to put Candy Crush to sleep.

  44. Are there going to be any hints and comments for level 1001 and above soon?

  45. I think hints and tips are now of no use. The whole game is now about waiting for a lucky board. There are no tips other than that.

    1. Keep playing. The game is a fun mix of luck and skill with delightful rewards.

  46. Yup lucky board is the only way you'll get through this. The annoying thing was it wouldn't stop once I'd got the three thousand. Took about 5 minutes before it stopped.

  47. I've completed level 965. But ahead it doesn't give the option to play ??? How could I continue it


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