Flashplayer for ipad/iphone

If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook on your ipad/iphone, or would like to play more games and have full content for Candy Crush Saga this may be the answer!

After much searching we have found this amazing new third party shockwave browser for mobile devices!

It's called Puffin and for the moment it is free!
All you need to do is download the browser by clicking on the image above!
If you can't see the image click HERE
Make sure you are logged out of Facebook then open the app, connect to FB through the app and you will be able to play your favourite games, send lives and request help just as you would on your PC or laptop!

Scroll down to see the functions including clear cache, which you will need to do regularly.

Please note that this is a third party app and we are merely passing on this information, while it has been tested and does work we are not a help site for this app. 
If you have any problems you should go to the Puffin website for help and advice.


Lizzie Shakespeare said...

Its ok but is slow and sometimes it freezes grrrrrr

Tamara Johnson said...
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Anonymous said...

Completed level 320 twice but won't advance to next level

Anonymous said...

Candy crush will not load gets so far then cuts out on my I pad

Terri Crawford said...

I had candy crush app on my phone. But when having phone issues they factory rest my phone now it won't let me download candy crush saga again. Now it say this version is not compatible with my device. Why? I can't download no king.com games. But before the reset I had candy crush pet rescue and farm hero. Now I can't download none.

Anonymous said...

Since the new update...not only is the game smaller i cant connect to fb and i went from level 377 down to 1

Anonymous said...

Hi! I dont know where else to post this but because Im on iPad I thought it might be relevant in this section.
When I opened the game this morning, somehow it had reverted to the version with only 1 set of lives for both CC and Dreamworld. It was working fine up until then with the 2 different set of lives and since there hasnt been any update I cant explain it. I have tried shutting down the app and rebooting my device of course but to no avail. I have also contacted King about it, but so far no answer. Has this happened to anyone else out there and if it did, what did you do to solve the issue?