Candy Crush Saga Level 95 Hints & Tips

To ensure the ingredients don't move down into the outside columns and become difficult to move, always work in the columns where the teleports are so that the ingredient falls down into the correct column.
Once the ingredient is in the lower part of the board make moves which remove the candies from the outside columns above the exits.
This will bring the fruit down the correct way and out without you having to move them.
Stripe/wrap combos will be useful for this job if you get them into position in the lower part of the board.
A colour bomb used with a stripe or just on one colour, if that colour is above the exits works too.
The fruit will appear on the next move after you get one out of the exit so make that move near the middle of the board so the ingredients will fall where you want it and not to the outside.
Once the ingredient is in the correct column DO NOT MOVE IT sideways however tempting or you will just have to move it again.

See image below.

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