Candy Crush Level 153 Hints and tips.

To get the colour bombs together you need to make them 

above each other.. 

Then you can drop one down on top of or 

next to the other.. 

If you manage to make make 2 but you 

know you won't get them together explode one, which will 

give you one less colour and another one will be easier to 

make, then look above the one you have to see another.

Tips by Allina Rumfelt
Getting a chocolate bomb alone is difficult,  but getting them side by side will be even more difficult.  
On level 153 first you have to break through all the meringues. Use as many stripes and wraps /combos to do so. Once you have got the maximum play area,  you have to learn how to move the bombs around to get them side by side or one on top of the other. Try not to get any wraps or stripe/wrap combos during
this second phase because the play area is so small that it will more than likely detonate your bomb. If you do get 2 chocolate bombs on the board,  but not in the area where they can be dropped on top of or next to the other one, just go ahead and detonate one of them to remove a color which increases your chances of making another one. I'm attaching a tip sheet on advanced moves. Learning these moves will help you throughout the rest of the levels and hopefully get you past this one. Good luck 

If you can't see the video scroll down the page.


Karen Uher said...

Well, duh!

Anonymous said...

In other news...the sky is blue.

Bill. said...

Just a matter of luck getting the bombs above each other then be very careful in getting them next to each other so easy to set them off.

Diana Davis said...

I thought cheats weren't allowed here?

Anonymous said...

I won game 153 twice in a row by making all my moves within the 3 center columns (after clearing the board of all obstacles). (I had to use a free switch hand from the daily booster wheel to move 1 color bomb 1 space to get it next to the other color bomb.)

Anonymous said...

I got 2 bombs side by side but game didn't acknowledge level successful??? Confused! Are we meant to swipe them with each other?

Bcg said...

Every time I finish playing it says "you have one left. I can't believe that can be right. What can I do?