Candy Crush Tips for level 165

Hints and tips for level 165 Candy Crush Saga.
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Firstly, check for any combos that can be created. Single strips being the weakest, be sure if you get a colour bomb next to it, blast it away, as it can make a major difference on the board seen in the 2 pictures below (before - after). Now, you have to be sure both top sides are clear of any chocolate, you will still be able to progress if 1 side is blocked, but it will make the level more difficult. If both sides are blocked and you got no other way to take it off, it's game over.

Next, your main priority in this level are the BLUE candies, as you require a lot of them to complete the level, the green and yellow will fade off as you progress through the level, so not to worry to much about that. Also be sure any bombs that fall onto the board are in position to be taken out, if it is in position already and it still has a bit to go till it explodes, leave it and focus another side IF its on one of the sides (far left/right). However, don't forget the bottom must not reach a high peak, if it does, the space will limit and not enough blues will go down. The recommended combo is the stripe + colour bomb, because it will take out all areas and sides, which means any chocolate on the board will crumble.

Tips by Joel Gnanasigamony


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I can no longer see the videos of how to play a level. Only ads in the boxes. Ideas of what is wrong?