Hints and Tips for level 191 Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Level 191 Tips
By Adrian Gardner

191 is quite nasty, but not unbeatable ... basically the early moves are the key, you need to open up the play area as soon as possible, 
so REALLY focus on eating the cream - either by making changes next to it or making/usingspecials ... the two wrapped candies will fall down to next to the outer-two locked bombs when released, if possible try and let them do this before you fill the area below them (so you want to either "untrap" them via a line blast (EDIT via the "locked" central one) or eat the top jelly first)

 ... then when you explode the wrapped the two explosions will (1) unlock to locked bomb and (2) then destroy it. 

As the board opens up focus on 
specials ... unless you can combine two quickly just use them ... you will never clear this level with just a series of line-of-threes, you got to have a number of specials / havquite a 
few moves (25 before the bomb goes off) so don't panic ... make your moves count!



Anonymous said...

Your instructions for candycrush 192 are brilliant. Thank you

Anonymous said...

From one nasty level to another.uggg.
Not sure which is worst Odus or the previous level.