Tips for level 117 Candy Crush Saga

Tips for level 117 Candy Crush.

 Look at the layout BEFORE you make a move and if the fruit is NOT in one of the 3 middle columns go out of the level and start again.. Keep doing this until you get a game where the fruit is in one of the middle 3 columns.
If the fruit is in one of the outside columns you will have to move it into the middle to get it out..
Once you have the fruit in the middle KEEP it there. 
DON'T move it out of the outside columns however tempting it is sometimes, or you will make your job much harder.
The second fruit comes down on move 20 and provided you've removed at least one fruit the third comes down at move 10. So make sure that these moves are made in the centre of the board so that the fruits come down in the right place to remove them.
Remember that chocolate will only spread if you don't remove at least one piece the move before, so as long as you hit at least one piece, either directly, or indirectly from a cascade you will keep it under control.
If you can manage to make a stripe/wrap combo near the middle or a colour bomb/stripe combo you can go a long way to eliminating the chocolate completely.
Remember, keep the chocolate under control and keep the fruit in the centre columns.
Good luck
If you need to move the fruit here you will see 

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If the level you play is different from the one here it is because the developers have changed it since I played and I have no control over this. Please let me know in the comments and I will try to change it.


Pixie said...

I have gotten the all the fruit down 5 times and the game does not go forward. One time I had 7 moves left. How do you get past that?

Anonymous said...

These tips don't work on iPhone. Trying to get a new layout costs a life and ingredient was in the same place every time.

Anonymous said...

cherylcandycrush here.
What a horrible level. It is as hard as levels in the 300s. I know as I am playing the higher levels under my real name.
It's hard to get the score and hard to get the fruit in a position to go through.

One of the fruits will come down in the middle band but you can bet your bottom dollar a couple of them won't. They will be on the side a bit and need moving.

Look for chances to move them. That's your main aim.
If you get a vertical striped candy in the same row as a fruit, it will then whizz it down and out for you.

Check your score. If it is up close to the 30,000 mark, with about 3-5 moves to go, AND you only have one thing left to get through AND you can see you have a stripe or colour bomb on the board, then this is the perfect place to use a hand-you know, the hand switcheroo, to move the fruit over. Custom made for rounds like this.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why all of my friends have quit playing this game. I will be joining them soon. It seems like it gets harder and harder. There certainly are not enough moves in this level to complete it. I have been playing for several days and have not even come close to completing it.

Val said...

Why do they make this level so impossibe, surly the company are loosing money with all the people quitting !!!!!!!!