Tips for level 266 Candy Crush Saga

How to pass level 266.
You neeed to match 2 stripes together 5 times to complete level 266.
They can be of any colour. Try to keep the chocolate under control as it is annoying more than anything.
The bombs only count down when you move so no need to rush making your moves. The bombs are also worth 3,000 points each so try to match them or hit them with a combo. A good board helps.
Work your way into the chocolate cross first to open the board and give yourself space to make the striped candies.
Work at the top and middle of the board if you can so you don't let the bombs out of the dispensers.
If you do happen to release bombs a wrap in the bottom will deal with them but be aware that this may cause a chain reaction which may destroy any stripes you have waiting.
If you are brave enough leave the bombs until the last moves of the countdown as you'll only release more when you destroy them.

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