Candy Crush Saga Level 607

How to pass level 607 Candy Crush Saga
Level 607 doesn't really need tips, if you've got this far in the game you shouldn't have any trouble with this simple jelly level, the frog is just a bonus but isn't really needed.
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Level 276 with Odus is really impossible. Do you or any of your staff play these games? Or watch the average player fumble their way through any level? Or even watch them play more than once to pure frustration?

I have played this same level game over and over for about 5 days or more.

I am lucky if I can even get 35 Blue candy by the time the first moon struck takes place.

By the time the game is over I am lucky to have collected 100 Blue candies.

There are also to many times when there is no Blue candy on the board.

And to many times that the only move on the board is one that will certainly cause Odus to fall therefor ending the game.

How on earth am I or any CC player to move forward when you Rig the game in your favor time after time?

I am not a rookie player. I pretty much have the hang of CC as I have finished level 605.

But, I was told you increased the moves for Odus in level 276. You still need to increase them again or eliminate the total number of Blue candy needed to be collected. I think you need to please practice the level yourself or someone at a average playing level and send this level back to the drawing board.

I don't mind paying a little for extra lives but at this rate I would probable have to spend $40.00 or more to get enough moves to collect all 300 blue candy.

And this would not even guarantee that Odus wouldn't fall over and I would loose after spending money.

All in all I do not like the Odus version of CC. And neither do my friends or many of the people that write comments like this one that I read.

So I am pretty much just stuck in limbo waiting for my lucky day when I win the CC lottery with Odus.

Furthermore I ask do you ever read the comments posted by your loyal fans and I mean the entire comment however long or short the comment is?

I hope you do because each of us that take the time to write and sound off about CC should be able to expect that what we are voicing our opinions about matter to you as much as they do us or we wouldn't have taken the time to write them.

My best game with 4 moves left and Odus fell and I still needed 140 Blue candy. That is still a very large amount of blue candy to pay for extra moves.

Hoping you let me win soon?
Or I will be leaving the game.

Was fun while it lasted.

I also really like having the double lives but I think All the players should be privileged to double lives seeing that Odus and the regular candy crush are two separate games they should be awarded 5 lives each.

I also would like to see you bring back the unlimited games for the 2 hour time frame like you did about a month ago. I never had money in my account to participate in it. This should be a option every day.

I also would like to see a daily spin for both Odus and the regular CC.

But think we should be allowed to mix and match and use them on either version of CC.

I have tried starting level 276 with my specials from the daily spin only to feel ripped off as I am forced to use the chocolate sprinkle candy within 5 moves as there is no other move to be made. Therefor I never get to use it to its full potential with a striped candy. Even when I get a chocolate sprinkle on my own in this level it explodes many times on its own. I would like to bd able to pick for myself what color I want to eliminate.

I feel that my daily spins should be treated more fairly by C C.

The same thing happens when I use the wrapped/striped candy from the daily spin. You don't even place them next to each other on the board.

This is frustrating I do not have a way to get extra life's or gold bars as I don't have Face Book and don't intend to get it.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Anonymous above. Oh dear. Poor you. It says clearly that this site is independent of the developers. I don't know if they read this, but if not, your plea is misdirected. But I have some advice for you: this is a game, intended for fun and diversion; don't waste money on it and don't waste your time and emotional energy on it if you're not enjoying it. I agree, Odus is a pain, but if you don't like it, simply don't play it. You must be able to think of some other things to do, surely. By the way, fairness doesn't enter into it, either. I've got to level 605, too, no more available to me so far, but I don't really view it as an achievement worthy of boasting about, it means I've been spending time on this when I really should have been doing something worthwhile.

Gigi said...

To the first person who posted, as the next post explains, this site is not affiliated at all with the makers of the game. However, it's fairly easy to find out how to contact them. Just google it and cut and paste what you wrote to them.

As for level 607, I'm liking the frog! :)

Bill. said...

Again fairly easy use the frog and plenty of combinations available.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree... The game is a great waste of time where I should be doing something more productive with my time... but it is FUN FUN FUN... part the game for me is the frustration ... it makes me want to beat the level even more ... by using different strategies. Yes, even the'easy' levels can take me a couple of hours or months... by the way, the only level i got stuck on for any amount of time was level 350.... 3.5 months... yes three and a half months... however, you know, when you play the game for fun then yea, it becomes enjoyable ... and in a small way, becomes helpful in your every day life ... I think it helps you use different strategies in your work or writing papers .. so anyway, make the game fun... I have four facebook accounts of which i keep supplying myself lives so i will never have to pay for extra lives... us the daily booster to help you along... do not use them every them up until you come to a level that you find impossible. since i have started at about level 570 that is all i read on these boards is that 'THIS IS THE MOST DIFFICULT LEVEL'... i have not spent more than 3 hours on any one level yet... most took about 45 minutes... watch the videos, read the great tips you get here and use your own common sense and both sides of your brain... you'll get through every level ... and the next time you post, you will be writing something like 'damn! i kicked the crap out that level!!!' ....

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
And I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew
I knew I could do it

Anonymous said...

Got this on the first try. Had one jelly and one move left. The frog was pinging :)). Selected him, selected the jelly and Bam! Sugar crush. More than 355,000 points. Really liked it. Even if you don't pass first time-it's a fun level. Still not sure I understand froggy.