Candy Crush Saga Level 174.


  1. ♥ The jelly in the bottom right and left corners is the easy part here, the hard part is getting to the 20 move bombs in the center up top, so you need to bash through all the blocks to get to them, since they are jelly spots. Try to head in through the sides as best you can, but it will be difficult. Fortunately all of the jelly is only single jelly, so one hit will do. Once you make it to the third column in and second piece down, it will allow the corner pieces to exit down to the board, so aim up in there. You don’t have to remove the bombs, ONLY the jelly underneath.

  2. After trying about 10 lives on my iphone I waited for my lives on computer. I then read above and gave it a go.
    I swear, 1st game, I got it out in 4 moves..I managed to get lucky and created a chocolate sprinkle, immediately above a green stripe, moved them together and it took out all the jelly including the bombs..I am so shocked and of course happy as hell...

  3. Agree with above concentrate on getting the bombs from the side the jelly will go by itself.

  4. Easy way to do this is to keep restarting the game until there are two bombs of the same color on the right or left side, BESIDE each other. Then, concentrate on breaking the block below and to the side of the bomb of the single color. Once you do this, the single color bomb will slip down and you can blow it. Then when you drop candies below on that side, you will eventually get a candy the same color as the other two bombs aligning with them to blow the jellies. Clear the rest of the jellies and you are done. Pretty easy this way. Getting 3 stars will probably take a lucky board.


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