Candy Crush Chocolate Box

A new challenge has been introduced to the Candy Crush Saga game as a way to win some boosters. This is the chocolate box.
If you are lucky enough to have the chocolate box this is how it works.
Under each of the chocolates there is a task to complete. It could be anything from collecting a certain colour to passing levels, even using a booster can be one of the task, although not recommended. To find out what you need to do just click on one of the chocolates and look at the left side of the chocolate box to see what task you have to complete. If you don't like the look of the task, click on another chocolate until you find one that you think you can do.

In the image below you can see that you need to collect wrapped candies.
Once you find a task that you want to do, click on select and then go off and do levels to make wraps. You can use new levels or older levels and you don't need to pass the level for the orders to count towards the total.
You need to do one task from each colour of chocolates to get the boosters, each time you complete a task all the chocolates of that colour will vanish from the box so you have to then choose a different colour chocolate for the next task. As you can see from the image below, the yellow task has been completed so now the player has to choose a different colour chocolate.
Once you have chosen a chocolate from each of the four colours and completed the tasks you will be able to claim 3 boosters. 
You normally can only complete three of the tasks in one day, so it may take two days to get the boosters, although some people have found that they can do all four of the tasks in the same day.
If you find that jelly fish are the best ones for you to collect here are a few levels with plenty of fish to collect.
Level 342, 1902, 1963, 1969, 2008, 2015, 2018, 2044, 2354, 6099, 6230, 


Claws Custom Boxes said...

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Cd said...

I win, but no prizes...what are the prizes supposed to be?

Unknown said...

I have cleared the choco box six times noe and never got a prize

Unknown said...

I loved this when it first started, then they started limiting the number of times we could finish a box. Now, I can only collect 3 of the 4 candies needed PER DAY, before I get a message that I've collected enough. So, now I can't even finish one box per day Very disappointing, as with all the other things Candy Crush has taken away or changed.

Crushed said...

Posting for luck

Unknown said...

Ok; I understand how this works, however, they have limited the number of chocolates you can complete per day!!! Not fair; now you can only do 3 in one day and can't even complete on box per day. These people belong to a group of evil satanic club that make billions of $$$ each day. I can't even fill up the bot anymore. I am shy of completing one chocolate and I completed the task but it shows I still have one check mark to complete. Everytime they change something they break something else. I'm seriously considering quiting this time wasting game. I hat King; they are just disgusting evil satan worshipers!

Stanka said...

You'll be stopped for sixteen hours after checking off three colors. Come back the next day to check off one more and collect your bonus. Now you can collect three more before you're stopped again. But that's four colors altogether and one bonus collected per day.