Candy Crush Saga Level 107.

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 107, Candy Crush Saga
Look carefully and you will see two candies with numbers on them locked under licorice strings near the bottom. These are bombs and they count down from 9. Each time you make a move the bombs count down, they are not timed so you have plenty of time to think about your moves.
You MUST destroy these bombs before they count down to zero or it's game over!
To get rid of the bombs you first need to unlock them by either matching them with 2 candies the same colour or hitting them with a striped or wrapped candy. Once they are unlocked match them or hit them again to remove them.

Once they are gone you have plenty of moves to clear the chocolate and jelly.
Video below

 107 hint, try and "unlock" one of the bombs FIRST (of all the locked ones), since the chocolate will immediately try and escape thro that hole it will immediately eat that bomb, then at least you just have one to focus on!


  1. have tried all aspects , this level is set up ..... everytime u get to 41 lives left it cuts u off ....

  2. how come I can never get more than 5 lives, even though my friends send me lives every day. They just don't add on to the 5 I already have.

  3. I, too wonder what happens to the lives my friends give me and the extra moves. Never show up. There is no time at all to get the bombs on level 107!!

  4. I've only just got to this level so can't comment on it but I do know that if you have 5 lives already the ones your friends give you don't count if you accept them. You need to cancel out of that screen, use up your 5 lives in the game then go back in to the game. When you accept the lives this time they will appear.

  5. The Candy Crusher4 January 2014 at 19:43

    You can only have five lives. That is the max amount of lives you can have at one time.

  6. Once bombs have gone you have plenty of moves left no more bombs appear.

  7. i agree about getting booted out when you get to 41. I get the bombs gone and still can't get past 41. Also all the extra moves that friends sent me never appear either. When you use the continue playing button over 25 points is removed for 2 moves (if lucky). If I am buying extra points than I want all the points I am paying for.
    This is one game I only play once and awhile cause its a rip off so I won't buy more points, not worth it.

  8. How do you get to the bombs?

  9. Sorry, level 107 is wrong. I meant level 109. How do you get to the bombs?

  10. I have been saying bombs, but meant the four island cells.
    Is it luck to get them?

  11. Why does level 109 begin with 34 moves, but yet the remaining moves are only the number shown on the bombs (or whatever they are called?

  12. thought I passed level 107....cleared everything then a message came up saying error...wth


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