Candy Crush Saga Bombs

Bombs appear fairly early on in the game and can be very difficult to deal with.

They are very easy to remove (usually) but as you have to do it quickly they are a deadly menace.

They can  appear with any number on, depending on the level.

The number will count down with every move you make until they reach zero. 

If you don't remove them before they reach zero it's game over! 
REMEMBER the bombs count down with the MOVES you make, not in seconds, so you have plenty of time to work out the best move to make.

Q.        How do you get rid of bombs in Candy Crush Saga?

A.  To remove one from the board you simply have to match it with 2 or more other sweets of the same colour. Simple!

 It can aslo be removed by any of the special candy's. 

A line blast by a striped, or a blast from wrapped or spotted candy's will remove a bomb.

The problem is that on most levels, not all, getting rid of one bomb doesn't stop more appearing! 

So you have to be constantly vigilant looking out for more bombs!
Unless there is a very long countdown don't waste an opportunity to destroy a bomb as you may not get another chance.
Bombs are not all bad however, they are worth 3000 points each when you destroy them, so will help to increase your score for more stars. 


  1. there is another common way to remove is by combining a wrapped candy with other candy , the nearby bombs then suck in and it clears away

  2. Just played a game where the bomb went to a negative 11 and never went off. How did that happen?

    1. I want to know that too...

    2. Negative eleven happened because you got your goal (I. E. Got however many points were required) when you meet your requirements, bombs never go off!!

  3. What happens if I try to buy extra moves with a bomb at zero?

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  5. i'm having an issue where the bomb counts to zero, but gets covered in chocolate, the level ends, but it freezes and I can't move on or start over without resetting my phone???

  6. I posted this in the "Beat Timed Levels" section, but I'll put it here, too:

    When you are playing for a high score, be aware that successfully matching a bomb is a REALLY high score compared to all the other types of matches you can get. If you can manage to work within their move-counters without letting them go off, you can really get your score high.

  7. I also want to emphasize: the bomb counter is counting MOVES, not SECONDS on a clock. I didn't understand that at first, so I was trying to play really quickly and got all agitated. No need. Slow down and just watch out for how many moves you are making.

    Question: Does using one of the special helpers count as a move? Like the Lollipop smasher, or the teeth chomper things? I think I've notices that it does NOT count in the regular counter (like when you have 20 moves to clear the level and it counts down each move), but I'm not sure if bombs are the same or not. Just something to think about.

  8. I am Connected via facebook but I cant send gifts to my friends Neither can I ask for gifts what should I do I don't want to uninstall it

  9. 1145 level time bomb trouble Failed need wraps now!


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