Candy Crush Saga Level 296

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 296 Candy Crush Saga without boosters.
Level 296 is classified as a Hard level by The makers, King, so you can expect to lose a few lives before you pass it.
The exits for the 2 ingredients are at the bottom of the left side of the board, below the locked candies, so the ingredients have to go down to the bottom of the right side, then up to the top of the left and out of the exits at the bottom
First unlock one of the coconut wheels by matching the candies next to them, then move it downwards to clear the licorice strings on the candies in the left side of the board, this will open the way for the fruit to go down the exits.
The second coconut wheel should be used sideways to clear some of the cream at the bottom.
Then try to make downward stripes, or switch 2 stripes together to get the cream blockers at the bottom. Stripe / wrap combos are also very good for clearing cream.
Once the way is clear work on clearing a path through the candies on the left to get the fruit down.
Video below

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  1. ♥ That was hard!! Aim at breaking down the bottom as well as clearing the left side so that the ingredients come down easily. Use the donuts wisely. 1st donut I used it vertically so that it clears the left side board. 2nd donut horizontally to break down the bottom. It takes a lucky board to make it. Took me few tries.

  2. Hmmm, 3 days and patience is wearing thin. Fingers crossed to get a board like the one in the video.I seem to be able to clear the left hand box most times, but then not getting any sort of good moves to get the bottom right box even cleared.

  3. You simply do not just get boards like this, you have to be extremely lucky!!

  4. Stuck like chuck. I know the strategy but can't get a favorable board.

  5. i tried all donut variants - what was best was NOT to roll it vertically since one gets enough chances at creating horizontally-striped candy / stripe+wrap combos to clear out the left side. i rolled both donuts horizontally to hit the bottom which is literally the real stumbling block!
    also beware:
    1. sometimes donuts develop a mind of their own and roll anywhere!
    2. if donuts fall too low, with too few candies near them (or fruit is close to them, taking away candy position), you may waste 1/2 opportunities at making stripes!

  6. also, keep the focus on creating vertically striped candy and keep those in the 3 middle columns from where they can clear blocks; also the fruit is best in middle 3 columns else you waste moves getting them there to be able to swim out!

  7. found another issue - since the fruit drops down over blocks - it prevents any attempts to hit the blocks under it - ouch!
    so one has to use the one free column! phew....

  8. Ah! Finally completed. I was stick for nearly a week- read what CC addict posted and got it first try. Use the pink donuts both horizontally to break through blocks at the bottom. I got plenty of horizontal striped candies to break through on the left side. (I had be focusing before on breaking those first). I then got two wrapped candies that completely cleared bottom cream/blocks.

  9. So I had been stuck on this level for a week and finally came here for some help. Once I used both donuts Horizontally to work on breaking the blocks at the bottom first- I passed the level! That is definitely the trick... with a luck to get the right candies from there!

  10. Used one hozontally and one vertically. Then concentrate on the bottom blocks. Good fun.

  11. Stuck for a couple of days, came here and did what CC Addict said ... made it on the first. Thanks CC

  12. Same as above, I came here and read what cc addict wrote - got it first try. Definitely easier/better to roll the donuts horizontally to break the bottom blocks first :)

  13. Thanks for all the info. I'll just keep trying.

  14. Got it on the 3rd try. Thanks to all the tips here. Did the donuts horizontal first. Used one that I had in my arsenal also. Got lots of horizontal striped candies and with 1 color bomb I finished it off.

  15. Thanks cc addict - took your tip on board ( no pun intended) and only used donuts horizontally. After about 4 more attemps got it yippee. Good tip

  16. I tried this level for sooo long. Finally read and reread the first 2 paragraphs. Just follow the instructions. Got it right away. A very big DAH to me. LOL


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