Candy Crush Saga Level 318


  1. As long as you can break thru the cream to get to the bombs in time, you have a fighting chance. When breaking the cream, keep on the lookout for vertical stripes as this will allow you to get deep toward the bombs. Also, try to keep the fruit near the center. Worst thing you can do is get the bombs and then have the fruit stuck in the corner. This level does give you a fair chance at chocolate balls, use those to take out the bombs. Be careful though, if you use a bomb when the fruit is sitting on the cream in the starting column, it will fall to the edge. Fruit falls on either of the screens on the right (depends which side it falls on the left as to which it lands in. Was able to beat this level with a chocolate bomb and a package that exploded both candies below my remaining fruit on the right.

  2. After many bomb deaths, I can get the apples to the right boxes but am always left with one or both over there. How to move the fruit down three candies into the exit is the problem. Sometimes one does go in but I don't seem to be able to figure out how it happened in order to duplicate the procedure. Thank you.

  3. Level 318. How do you make the fruit exit from the two sections on the right of the board???????? I can get it from the section on the left , but I can't get it out the exits on the right. hELP. Please

  4. I can't get the fruit down and out on right once there hard enough to get it thru the board to the right but don't know how to drop it out any suggestions for a hard player

  5. Have to keep fruit in the centre and blow up bombs asap. Luck needed but did first attempt.

  6. After many attempts I finally found a way to get it. First, concentrate on removing the bombs, which isn't too difficult - vertical stripes are especially useful. Make sure you keep the fruit in the centre so it then goes through to the exits in the right hand panels. To remove the fruiit from the right hand side, you need chocolatu balls. Each time you get one, make sure you bust the colours that are blocking the fruit. Then they just sail down.


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