Candy Crush Saga Level 334

Video showing how to pass level 334 without boosters.
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  1. This level is evil ������

  2. I must say this website has helped me a lot through the levels and I appreciate it greatly! On this level I beat it by releasing one striped candy at a time & then shooting it I did that till I got a striped candy next to the Multi-colored ball. Once I got it their I made sure I had as many of the same color candies on my board as the striped candy & then combined that striped candy with the Multi candy. Don't forget you can get 3 of the same color candies even with the bomb ones that helps as your trying to get the striped candy next to the Multi colored ball. Don't worry about the chocolates but do try to clear the jellies at the of the box also. Hope this helps

  3. ♥ This was pretty easy. It looks intimidating but the bombs give you enough moves to get things done. Got it on my 2nd try because on my first try the chocolate covered my last piece and I ran out of moves. Interesting level!

  4. This level is not working well. Sometimes bombs explode while they were not at 0 yet. Several times it happened that a chocolate ball exploded because I used a vertical striped candy. But that candy was not on top of the chocolate ball. Something is up with this level.

  5. Start on top, and try to release the striped candy in the middle and have it resting against the choco-bomb. Once you've done that, THEN start working on the jellies in the lower level. As soon as you make one match down there, the bombs start falling. Make all the matches you can down below, and use striped candies above when you can, but be careful not to disturb your choco-stripe combo. When the bombs are about to detonate, fire off your choco-stripe combo, which will almost always destroy all the bombs and do a pretty good job of clearing the field. Mop up the remains.

  6. This is what I did to pass level... I opened up all the wrapped striped candies above, then formed a striped candy on top of a chocolate sprinkle ball. Don't combine the two yet. Whatever color striped I made above the Choco ball, I made matches eliminating the other colors and trying to cascade more of the colors I needed to go with the striped above Choco ball.... Which would give me more explosions when I combined the Choco ball w/stripe. Once I felt I had enough to work with I combined the Choco ball and striped, everything started exploding and eliminated all of the bottom except 3 down below. They give you 15 moves for bombs, so luckily I had the right matches below to clear level. I went through MANY lives on this one.

  7. It took me several lives to beat this level, but the first thing I did was try to clear as many blocks below. Once most of them were bombs, I matched a striped candy with the chocolate speckled candy. That cleared most of the bombs and the clear blocks. I was left with one clear block left and got lucky with a vertical striped candy in the same row.
    Be patient, this level is definitely passable!

  8. Hardest part was remebering which squares needed clearing after exploding the chocolate bomb. Good fun.

  9. This requires well thought out moves, one move at a time. You have to watch the chocolate and the bombs and remember what you have cleared. Look in the bottom boxes first and make immediate specials. Keep the chocolate under control. Wipe out entire columns (esp. choc covered columns) using striped candies from above but don't detonate your sprinkled candy until you are desperate. Make sure you have a striped next to your sprinkled candy. When your bombs get to about 3, detonate your sprinkle with striped. Most, if not all, of your remaining jellies will be removed. I lost the first two times then scored 3 stars the next time using this strategy. But of course, it also depends on what you are given to start with.


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