Candy Crush Saga Level 335

How to pass level 335 without boosters.
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Hints and tips for level 335.

Forget about the two colour bombs at the bottom, you will not be able to use them unless you are very lucky.
Much easier to clear the middle of the board and make two new ones.


  1. Does anyone know, when newer levels will come out for Candy Crush Saga?I've beat the last level 335, now I'm stuck without moving onto the next chapter.

  2. I just completed it a few days ago too. Waiting impatiently!

  3. Me too... I used iphone to play and completed 335. Then, use PC to login facebook to play. I am in 339 now... But the iphone still locked at level 335 ?????

    Don't understand why........

  4. Same problem here!! I play on my android phone and levels are locked after 335 but go to 365 on Facebook!!

  5. :( No levels after 335, only a spanner, on the android, yet can play more on FB, but run out of lives and that's it. On android additional lives (after 5) are stored in the envelope link, but we dont have that on FB :(

  6. New Update in the App store, unlocks the new level!

  7. ♥ Got it on my first try. Made a color bomb on my own by accident then dug down to one corner to get the 2nd one. Not bad!

  8. Easy level and got it first time with 12 moves to spare. Did same as Anonymous above. Made 1 colour bomb and drilled down to one of those in the corners for the 2nd one.

  9. Another level which relies on a lot of luck as far as what drops down. Will keep trying.

  10. Agree with the comments above. The key on this one is to clear the middle and build the chocolate balls there. I was only able to thrash my way to the corner balls a couple of times. Also, once things are clear, try using vertical stripes, as new candies drop they are often predominantly one color thus conducive to the 5 needed for the chocolate ball!

  11. I did it in 5 moves !!!

    First restart freely the level until you can make a bombwith the first move. It will divide the difficulty by 2...

    Then you have a choice : do a bomb in the middle or focus on one side.`

    I had a lot of luck and could do a second bomb with 2 moves after a shuffle !

    Good luck.

  12. I did it on the try after reading these posts. I was very lucky and managed to get the two colour bombs at the bottom, rather than create my own. It was close though, I only had 4 moves left.

  13. I read the post that said forget about the chocolate balls in the corner and clear the middle while attempting to make them there. That worked for me immediately. I am now starting 338

  14. Completed using one chocolate bomb in the middle and one from the bottom.

  15. c/candycrush here.
    Two colour bombs needed. two stuck down in the bottom corners, surrounded by multi layered ice jellies.
    I don't know about anyone else but I never did manage to free either them, though heaven knows I tried.
    Lots of reshuffles as I ran out of moves.
    How did I get through?
    I played, making moves lower down where possible (trying to move that antarctic jelly!) and I found the system itelf generated one colour bomb for me as the candies fell down.
    Then lo and behold, the system generated a second one for me, 3 moves from the finish.
    Just remember, you don't have to clear all the jellies, just get 2 colour bombs and if you play long enough, the system will give them to you-eventually. Good luck.

  16. Why is it difficult to get tickets in order to pass to the next level? I know my friends have sent them to me but I have only received one,

  17. iPhones - do take you to level 336; however, the key is to get tickets from friends or pay to move on to the next series. Getting tickets may be tricky. Though not happy - unless you spend a dollar - you can't easily get to the next level. All boils down to one's preferences......


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