Candy Crush Saga Level 496

How to pass level 496 Candy Crush Saga
Video By Cookie.
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Gail Deming said...

A couple of tries and got it!! Yeah!! Just play it out, no tricks!

Bill. said...

Agree break up the bricks asap then usual combinations.

Cookie73 said...

There are only 15 moves on
iPhone, while the help videos have 45 moves!!?
I can barely break through the top in 15 moves - what's up with that??!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above comment. I pmoveslay on facebook and only have 15 moves. It seems almost impossible. Could use some hints here,

Anonymous said...

There are now 4 colours instead of 5. The 45 moved version was 5 colours and 15 move version has 4 colours so it's easier to create special candies. Look on the wiki for more details