Candy Crush Saga Level 602

How to do level 602 Candy Crush Saga

There are 4 exits for the fruit, above the licorice dispensers bottom right of the board.
See image.
The ingredients falling from the top right dispensers are best kept off the conveyor as it will take them away from the exits and it's a long way back to the top to get them out if you miss the first opportunity. 
It's easy to run out of moves if things go wrong and the exits are missed.
The ingredients from the top left dispensers should be sent down the board as far as possible so they take the minimum number of moves to get them back up above the dispensers. 
Try to set up a match just above the exits but below the conveyor and save it until at least one fruit is above it on the conveyor, then match it to release the fruits into the exit.
Vertical stripes or stripe/wrap combos swapped as the ingredients are above the exits are the best solution to level 602.
Video below


Anonymous said...

good advice above, got it on the first try

Bill. said...

Drop the fruit on the right asap then get all the fruit on the conveyor. Just luck then if they fall when passing the exits.

Anonymous said...

Great tips, got it first try. Thank you..

Anonymous said...

I'm finding this level extremely boring. What a yawn fest.

Anonymous said...

Another of those boring levels that will either happen quickly or not. I actually hate these conveyor levels.