Candy Crush Saga Level 614

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 614 Candy Crush Saga by Allina Rumfelt
The cherries start in the left side of the board. Once they drop to the bottom of that section they rest in those puddle looking things (teleports) until they have enough room in the lower right section to move to.  
You make room by crushing candies over there. Once they drop to the bottom part of that section, they rest in those puddles until you make room in the top right section where the exit arrows are.  It can take some time to figure out the teleport path but always look for the puddles and the exit arrows before starting one of these boards so your not aimlessly moving around not knowing where your going.
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  1. First attempt with wrapped candy in right hand box.

  2. You are lucky Bill! This is one level where you have to check out the set up before playing. I have been hitting the back button quite a bit. I was able to get a vertical stripe on the right hand side, in the same column as an ingredient. That got rid of the first one but I couldn't get the second one through.

  3. I passed this using boosters that I had saved up. I used a sprinkle ball, wrap/stripe, and coconut wheel. The coconut wheel started out in the top right box, next to the stripe! How lucky is that? The sprinkle was in the bottom right box, along with the wrap. I was able to move the ingredients down and then used the sprinkle to clear candies and bring them into the bottom right box. I then merged the coconut wheel and the stripe. It cleared all lanes and the ingredients went all the way through.

  4. I see a comment about hitting the back button. How do you do this?

  5. Hit the back button by clicking on the brown arrow at the bottom left hand corner then click on the red circle. If you do this before making a move, you do not lose a life.

  6. Passed with a wrap and stripe twice in the right hand lower block.

  7. There is no brown arrow on my screen. Im on my laptop. Maybe it not on laptop screens. Ive been on this level for ages :(

  8. I can quit a game on my iPhone before I make a move without losing a life, but not on my desktop. Anyway, I started with a coconut wheel and was able to get through the level.

  9. How does that one player use 3 boosters at once?! Kind of difficult to figure out for me...can barely get 3 candies in a row!!! I Don't like this level at all !!!! No points are climbing for sure!! Wheres the froggy???


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