Candy crush Saga level 721

Tips for level 721 Candy Crush Saga
First you need stripes and strip/wrap combos to clear some of the cream, but especially the cake. Clearing the cake will bring up the hammer which will remove all the cream and release the fish in the top left corner.
Once that is done make whatever matches you can in the left side and continue to make combos in the right. A colour bomb is useful if you can make one, although not easy on such a restricted board.
Video below.
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  1. Had ten tries so far and only managed to break the cake once ...???

    Another difficult and frustrating level as far as I am concerned

  2. Lo and behold ... Went back after posting on here and passed straight away with over 20 moves to spare!

    1. Lucky u!! 2 tries and am already feeling pain!!

  3. I cleared some of the jelly with a chocolate bomb plus striped candy then clearing the cake did the rest. Quite a tedious level with such a poor layout.

  4. This whole level has been nearly impossibE and not fun. Need some better levels soon.

  5. This doggone level is exasperating. Throw me a bone would ya please, King?

  6. I can't even break the cake!!

  7. JanC here. Hasn't there been a level very like this? Seemed familiar ... Or maybe just from a bad dream :P ... Passed it with one star but no boosters and not many lives. After the first few I saw what a difference a good board vs a bad board made, and also that I couldn't tell at first sight which I had, so after about 10 moves if I hadn't made and matched a special combo, I'd give up and try for a better board. Within 10 lives of this, I got a board that gave me two sprinkles. With the first I matched the fish color (the fish didn't do much) but with the second sprinkle I was able to match it with a stripe. That cleared the tart. I still had plenty of moves left. Good thing too because it was mostly making 3-candy matches that cleared the upper left. Will there ever be fun levels ever again, CC?

  8. I liked this level - strategy needed

  9. Not sure how, but I beat it first time out without using the cake. VERY lucky board!

  10. c/candycrush here

    I knew things were going badly for me on one of my early turns when I made a move on the bottom left and no candy fell to replace it. Left playing with empty squares on half the board. Just my sort of luck.

    Two solid days later and I knew things were going well for me when I saw the cannon come out and sweep the board. I hadn't even known I had cleared the cake!

    I would say concentrate on killing the cake if you want advice about a strategy.

    As for me, a wrap fell out of nowhere into the jelly section and it wiped out all the jellies, leaving me with 37 moves left & a massive score.

    Don't ask me how this happened, I am only the player. Last night I rated the level as abysmal so make CC had pity on me and sent me a few freebie specials.

  11. This level isn't difficult so much as just tedious. You waste half of your moves just getting ready to get started on clearing the board.

  12. If you can't manage stripes or stripes/wrapped combos just content yourself by making horizontal stripes down the corner. made 4 of them separately and fire them as i could. i had 34 moves when the hammer blew off the board, nearly two stars but happy to move on.

  13. Lucked out and solved the fourth time with no boosters and got one star. Eliminating the cake was the trickiest part.

  14. I didn't enjoy this level at all ! I eventually won it by hitting the last jelly with a lollipop hammer. One star, but it's done.

  15. Such a pain in the ass! I am hoping that by finally looking up ideas and posting that I'll win this level. it's a-driving me mad!

  16. did it on first try in 15 moves


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