Candy Crush Saga Level 745

Tips for level 745 Candy Crush Saga
The conveyors will bring the ingredients down towards the exits and you need to match beolw them as they arrive at the bottom of the conveyor.
The 2 nuts on the left will slide down between the holes in the board if you make matches in the bottom as they move long the bottom of the conveyor.
The cherry on the right is a bit more tricky, you need to make a match below it when it is one up from the teleport at the bottom so it will slip diagonally out.
Sometimes you cam get all three ingredients on the left conveyor by matching below them on the very first move.
Don't let them go around the conveyor for a second time or you'll run out of moves.
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  1. When it shuffled for the upteenth time, the fruit just fell out. Easier than I thought it would be....but shuffling did the work, not me.

  2. Just love levels like this one where we have to be attentive in order to win, instead of just doing bomb managment, which can be so boooooooring!

  3. Again quite unusual need to get the fruit to drop then pure luck if they fall away. I got a reshuffle on the last move which did the trick.

  4. I think this level is so stupid in the fact that there are no moves at the bottom to even plan to bring the fruit out! I'm finding it very hard to have any moves in the bottom section. I can't seem to have the right colors down there to bring the fruit out. How can there be any planning when you can't make a move. After just making any moves that were available I did win in about 15 tries. Purely luck!

  5. JanC here. First try, three stars, seven moves to spare. I was sure it was going to be a trial on first sight, with so few moves. My board shuffled after the first move. My strategy was as usual for this type: get ingredients on & then off the conveyor ASAP. This seemed to happen with no effort. Fishy.

  6. c/candycrush here

    Not a hard level, it happens for you after a few tries. But I didn't enjoy it as much as a couple of harder levels earlier because there isn't much strategy involved, you can't plan. It is hard to predict even where the ingredients will fall as they pop sideways at times.

  7. Took 4 tries and needed a little luck to get moves in the bottom half of the board. Got a sprinkle automatically after the conveyor move. After clearing one of the colors, it made it much easier to make the matches needed to drop the fruit.

  8. All three fell out in one move they were next to each other. Enjoyable.

  9. Took a few tries but a fun level.

  10. Surprisingly easy - they all dropped off on my first 'go' and I had the right candies to finish the job. Pure luck, I suspect!

  11. Three stars in 3 moves, with 12 moves to spare. I fail to find it "fun" or "enjoyable" when the game is over before I understand what's going on.
    I guess there's no pleasing me.

  12. Cleared in just 2nd attempt with 3 stars and 5 moves left.


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