Candy Crush Saga level 748

Tips for level 748 Candy Crush Saga
First see if there is a match in the left part to stop the chocolate from growing so you don't have to worry about it eating the first key. It isn't important if you can't, more keys will fall from the top as you play.
The bottom part of the board has a conveyor which will help you make the matches you need, when you make a match in the bottom section of the board candies will fall down from the top part so you can organise the candies into stripe patterns by careful planning.
Vertical stripes and stripe/wrap combos are the most effective for clearing the jelly in the middle once you have collected all the keys and opened the locks.
A colour bomb is also good, especially if you can manage to switch it with another special.
Look carefully at what candies are in the top section before you make a move in the bottom.
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Anonymous said...

Nice level, fun anc very doable if you are attentive.

Bill. said...

Agree quite straightforward I had a chocolate bomb to finish the jelly. Again clever design.

Anonymous said...

JanC here. Well, that was tedious. Wish I'd found it as enjoyable as previous commenters. Played at least 7 games and got down to one jelly every time. So I knew it was doable without boosters, and just slogged through until I passed. I play on a tablet so I rolled boards til I got ones with an easy way to get that first key over on the left. Then it was just a matter of stripes, and stripe/wraps, and sprinkle balls. No challenge.

Jocelyn said...

Got three stars on the second try. The trick is to focus on vertical stripes and then it's pretty straight forward.

Anon lafy said...

Me too, Jocelyn. Thanks for the tips at the top. Three stars on second try.

Kfmconsulting said...

Second try, 3 stars and 10 moves left. Fun level!!

Anonymous said...

First try. Three stars. Got several candy balls which was nice.

Chad Duerksen said...

Took 2 hammers. Every level lets you get to 1-2 jellies left then stops giving you combos.